Top 10 Freelancing Sites to Work Online from Home

Freelancing sites are known as online market place for job seekers. Now it’s not necessary to run fromĀ  door to door with your certificates in order to get a job. It’s 21st century and you are able to build an independent career through internet and work online. Moreover, you no need to have any institutional certificate to get jobs on freelancing sites. Hope my article will inspire you to start your independent career.

Top 10 freelancing sites to work online from home

What is freelancing?

Working on a contact basis with freedom is known as freelancing. It’s means you will work totally independently for someone who gave you a job. In this case you are time and place independent. Because you no need to go office or any other place to work and you are not wrapped with time.

What is freelancing sites?

These are online freelancing market place where both employer and employee meet, deal and work. There are basically two types of people (basis on account): one is bidder/freelancer and another is buyer. Buyer hire someone to complete their tasks and bidder seek for job and work for the buyers.

Why you should start freelancing?

Freelancing is the most smart and advanced career of present time. You no need to have certificate, no need to seek jobs from door to door, no need to go office, you will have no boss (You are your own boss), you no need to do same tasks daily and much more advantages in freelancing career. So it’s time to choose smart career and live smartly.

What skill do you need to start freelancing?

You may have photography skill, drawing skill, designing skill, coding skill, typing skill, business planning skill etc. You can use your any skill and start making money from freelancing sites. You can use your several skills at a time in freelancing market places.

Who can start freelancing?

Anyone can start freelancing. Yes. I am not drunk or mad. Any people in this world can start freelancing. As I told before it’s not needed any institutional certificate to start freelancing, anyone can join these freelancing sites and build his or her career. The people who have skill on a particular topic can start working from now.

How you can start freelancing?

As freelancing is a smart career, many people try to start freelancing. Some people can start successfully and some people fails to start. There are several reason behind it. Most of the people think that they will get rich over night through freelancing which is a totally wrong idea. Freelancing is i career not a pot of gold. You need to work hard and be patience to get greater success. By the way I told these not to scare you but to give you the right idea. I am giving some basic process on how to start freelancing.

1. Go to any freelancing sites and join as a freelancer/bidder/hirer/worker.

2. After joining give a smart looking profile picture and necessary details about you. Please don’t use any fake information. Try to be honest, to build better career.

3. Add you skills and some examples in portfolio section. This section is very important to attract the buyer.

4. Give some skill tests. It will increase your job getting chances.

5. Finally start bidding (applying) on jobs that you can do. Remember don’t bid randomly or for any job that you can’t do. It can damage your reputation.

Top 10 freelancing sites for you to work online from home:












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