How to Raise a Team of Influencers that Brings Results!


Who is an influencer?

Influencers are the individuals who have a keen interest and above-average impact in your product or service. They are the general people, who relate to the media outlets, industries, and groups.  Usually  they don’t know much about your company but can play a vital role to represent your business in their circle.

They have become an interesting and impactable marketing tool for the social relationships. Sometimes they gave us some key contracts and support to our new release products or services. In simple words, influencers are a major form of evangelist for a company.

How we get Influencers?

After your strong awareness campaign on social media, if you manage to grab a client who loves your brand and interested to buy your product or services this will be first success of your brand awareness. You can use them for the 2nd step to spread your brand over their circle.

However, the task is to transform your customer into a strong influencer…

Though, there are many ways we can use to achieve this. However, the basics will remain the same. In this regard, you will have to acknowledge the needs of your customers and provide what they are interested in. You can offer them solutions to their problems; it helps you to make them loyal to your brand.

For this you will have to acquire a genuine team of influencers, that can be your weapon for the coming brand awareness campaigns. First of all, you can understand the benefits of an influencer group and learn more how you can use them to become a spotting hand in your business promotion.

As stated above, if any of your customers will get loyal with your brand by having some valued services or product from your side, it is possible he/she will start promoting your brand in their circle. They will defiantly share about your brand with their colleagues, their friends, family and social gatherings.

If they start doing so, you can be very polite with them and ask them about their experience while having your company’s services. You can simply ask them to share that experience on their social profiles and also keep spreading the message to their social media groups they have joined.

Just imagine, if a customer will continue like this…

“This app is a great blessing for me as I am a music lover,” or “hey, I have just started using this company services and my life has changed suddenly.”

This is going to be an enormous success for you, as you won’t have to spend a single penny on such advertisement and its worth.

This kind of messages triggers a chain reaction, the more satisfied customers you will have the more people to share about your service with their family and friends. If some of their circle start using this service, they will spread your services to their circle and so on…

This is just like a snowball effect that started with a small state of significance and keeps rolling and becoming huge and powerful gradually. This will be a simple and unpaid form of advertisement that will bring the very positive result to promote your brand.

You can convert your customers into influencers is effective, but what if you need more control over this process. Just go to the next level and hire some popular profiles to promote your brand like celebrities, famous bloggers, YouTube channels and anything like this. This is going to make your brand popular among their fans, readers or subscribers that will bring results you can’t imagine.

Ways to Increase your Influencers

  • A real influencer of your business is a passionate person. To increase your influencers, your major task is to get more content for your happy customers and use it to produce more who will promote your brand accordingly. Below are few ways that can help you to convert your happy customers into strong influencers:
  • The brands that are applicable, you can ask your customers to take photos or videos with your products and share on social media. You can offer them some promises like discounts or prizes on uploaded content they will be more interested in doing so. Promoting discount on your services or products is a great idea.
  • Offer some values to your happy customers if they participate in case studies and answer the questions. You can assure your regular customers to approve their content if they participate in Q&As. You will defiantly see great response rate with this trick to offer them some gift cards because replying these queries takes up an attractive chunk of their time.
  • The communities like Yahoo Answer, Google Plus, LinkedIn discussions are a great place to start with. You can engage in discussions with your audience and solve their issues regarding your products or services. You can ask them to write their Facebook status based on their comments. I bet they will share it like crazy.
  • If you are launching some new services or products, give some time to your potential buyers to use it on trial basis for Free. Let them share their positive reviews about it on their social networks and different communities. If they are using a high-quality product or service for Free, it will automatically create a positive image about it. In addition, you can also attract influences and active shoppers by sharing your products coupon code on major platforms like or

Wrap it Up

It will depend on the quality you are delivering to your customers. The great quality you will provide the more influencers you will produce. I suggest don’t avoid your other campaigns, like keep advertising to promote your business to others as well. The influencers might do their work voluntarily, but you will have to keep spending some bucks on other advertising methods.

The influencers will be the strongest third-party advertiser who will help to promote your business over their circle. They will not require any payment for you but to increase the number of your influencers, your task will be to maintain the quality you are providing to them.


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