21 Most Popular Blog Topics to Start Blogging in 2015

Either you are planning to start your first blog or moving to setup your next blog, your first headache is choosing a blog topic. This is the very initial stage of blogging where most of the bloggers either stuck on the way or choose a wrong way. Before some days I was thinking to start a new blog (basically for a test purpose) and searched in Google to see the list of most popular blog topics for my next test blog. I was shocked to see there was not a single genuine list from where I can choose my blogging topic. I found only some common list (includes top 10 blogging topics) which are not updated. Thus I thought to make a list by myself. This list is the result of my brainstorming and a little bit of Google search.

Okay let’s jump into the main topic which is discussing about the best blogging topics to start a blog. First of all, ask yourself these 3 questions:


Q1. What is your hobby or topic that you are interested in?

Q2. What do you want to learn in future?

Q3. What is your main purpose behind starting a blog?


You next action completely depends on the answers of these 3 questions. Therefore, never start a blog before getting the answers of these 3 questions.

Now let’s break down the reasons behind asking these questions. Firstly, you must choose a blog topic in which you are interested or have vast knowledge or is related to your hobby. Believe me my friend, if you choose a topic that has none of above quality you cannot continue your blogging journey. After some days you will lose your interest as your blog is not the reflection of your skill and interest. Secondly, you may not have a particular skill right now but you are highly interested to learn in the future. Then you can go with that particular topic for staring a blog because at a time this particular topic will be your field of expertise and interest. Thirdly, you need to break down the reason behind starting your blogging journey. If it’s your hobby then I will say nothing. On the other hand if you want to be full time professional blogger you must and must do some study and research about the topic. I would like to share with you that most of the full time bloggers of present time started their blog as a part of hobby. They never though that one day their blog will turn into a money making machine. Isn’t it an amazing fact?

I think you got the point why I asked you to find out the answers of above questions. Hope those questions make sense now. After coming up with your unique answers let’s have a look of “21 most popular blog topics to start blogging” in the year of 2015.


List of most popular blogging topics in 2015 [Infographic + Explanation]


Most Popular Blog Topics 2015


#1. Entertainment blog

Entertainment is the biggest and most popular topic over the internet, magazine as well as newspaper. Every person of the world, no matter either he/she is Doctor, Civil engineer, Police office, Programmer, Service holder, House wife or Student he/she needs entertainment. Thus entertainment topic is for all kind of people. You no need think about the size of your audience because whole world is your audience. Although entertainment is a huge topic and holds many sub topics but we usually think of movies, celebrity news and gossips, songs, special events, various celebrations and so more when we hear the word “Entertainment”. Example of some best entertainment blogs:





#2. Technology blog

Present era can be called the era of Technology. Everyday something new is happening in technology sector. There are lots of information, news, events, tips and tricks etc. to blog about technology. Although it’s also a vast topic like entertainment, if you want you can narrow down the topic or go with the whole tech niche to start your blog.  Example of some best technology blogs:





#3. Health blog

Health is the burning issue of all time. Where there is life, there is health related problems. This is also a mega niche which has high search volume in almost all search engines. If you have vast knowledge regarding health then this topic is perfect for you. You can also break down this mega topic into sub topics such as female health, men health, children health, fitness, nutrition and so more. Example of some best health blogs:





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#4. Blog to teach Blogging

As this is the age of evolution, lots of people are coming online to share their ideas and lifestyles with others as well as to make their own online status. This vast amount of people definitely need guideline and blueprint of blogging. Are you an expert in blogging arena?? Do you want to make the roadmap for them?? If in both cases your answer is “Yes” then Blogging is the topic for which you are looking for. Just make some fresh and easy to understand articles to get started with your next blog. There are lots of blogs in this niche, some of those blogs are:





#5. Financial blog

Money is the problem which never meets any solution. The more we get, the more we want. This is the nature of human. Just like we all need entertainment, we all face financial problems or want to make more money. If you are expert in money management then go for a financial blog where you can share money saving ways, job related problems, about financial freedom, money making process and so more. Some financial topic based blogs are:





#6. Internet Marketing/SEO blog

This niche is getting popular day by day. Although some people mix up this niche with blogging and financial niche, it has its own vast area. This is mostly known as Business to Business (B2B) niche because mostly other business owners, site owners, bloggers and web masters are main readers of this type of blog. Sad part about this topic is, it has comparatively low visitors and very high competition as most of the online gurus are players of this field. On the other hand, happy news is this part covers most of the online money as it’s directly related to other online businesses. Some leading IM/SEO based blogs are:





#7. Food blog

There are very few or not even a single people who don’t love to eat delicious foods. Everyday thousands of people basically females search for various kinds of food recipes, food E-books, food nutrition etc. The size of online food marketplace is growing rapidly as new recipes are being discovered every day. Most of the food bloggers start their food blog as a part of hobby and some of them end up as full time professional food blogger. Example of some best food blogs:





#8. Travel blog

Travelling around the world is the most adventurous task on Earth. Therefore, only brave and adventure lover people can go for travel blogging. Just think, you are travelling the world and getting paid money for sharing your experience via your blog, isn’t it sounds great? Yah! It’s not a dream anymore. There are thousands of travel bloggers who are living their fruitful life in this way.

It’s common to have problems and hesitations when you visit a new place. There can be problems regarding language, location, product choosing, local foods etc. What if someone makes solution for all of your problems? It will make your travelling more entertaining, isn’t it? Thus, travel bloggers are making money for more journeys via solving other’s travel related problems. If you wish, you can be one of them. Example of some best travel blogs:





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#9. Sports blog

There are billions of sports lover in the world. Most probably you are one of them, if not then definitely your friend is one of them. Therefore, you can’t ignore this blogging zone of billion people. Daily there are millions of searches in Google about sports update, best players, life style of plyers, biography of plyers, rules of sports and so more. You can either start a blog where you can cover all types of sports or go with an specific sports blogging such as cricket, football, hockey, basketball, rugby, tennis, golf etc. If you are a sports lover then this is the best blog topic to start your blogging journey. Example of some best sports blogs:





#10. Blogging about Games

Games are the most entertaining topic for young generation. It’s not possible to fight with special powers in real life neither it’s possible to race like a pro driver. All we need to do is buy games for our particular gaming PC or gaming console such as Xbox One or Play station 4 and start our virtual dream life which entertains us the most. Amazing fact about gaming blogs is there are tons of traffic which can be driven very easily. It’s something like sharing your gaming experience after playing a particular game and being paid for that. If it sounds nice then start your gaming blog right now. Example of some best gaming blogs:





#11. Android blog

Android is the most popular smartphone operating system right now which owns 78% of the whole market share. According to Pichai there are more than 1 billion android users in the world. This big group of people obviously face problems regarding android updates, new android function, android apps and games, android mobile sensors etc. So, it’s really a big sector to make a handsome amount of money via your android blog. However, in this case mobile phone or smart phone readers must be your first priority. Example of some best android blogs:





#12. Mobiles/Gadgets blog

If you love to buy and test new smart phones, smart watches or any other type of gadgets then you can start a blog where you will share your experience as well as personal opinions about latest mobiles or gadgets. In this era of high technology people check for review before buying any new gadget. This single act results in millions of daily searches in major search engines. So, it’s not any bad idea to start a gadget review blog of your own. Example of some best gadget blogs:





#13. Fashion blog

We all know about fashion and love to do fashion in case of special event. Besides, it has become hobby of some people to learn about the latest fashion trends, fashionable products, upcoming fashion events etc. So, there is a big demand of information in this topic which can be fulfilled by creating high quality fashion blogs. If you are fashion freak, don’t miss this chance to play with your favorite topic. Example of some best fashion blogs:





#14. Photography blog

Photography blogs are mainly owned by photographers not to make money but to manage their online portfolio. Most amazing fact is some photographers start their independent career by selling their photos or by selling photography services via blog. Besides, it helps to keep their photos copy right protected as well as to take part in various international photography competitions. In order to start a photography blog you must be an experienced photographer which will help you to share your skills and experience with your readers. Example of some best photography blogs:





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#15. Animal blogging

Animal blogging is one of the best way to get some quick bucks via your blog. Lots people in US, UK and in other European countries love to raise domestic animals like dogs, cats, parrots, horses etc. They need to learn about the animals in order to raise them properly. Thus they search online for the information which has created a large demand for animal blogging. Example of some best animal blogs:





#16. Blog about Vehicles

Who don’t love to ride cars like Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Veneno, Ferrari Laraki, Lykan hypersport etc? Of course everyone does. However, it’s not possible for the biggest part of people (including me 🙁 ). So, what do we do? We search for our dream cars and read about them as well as watch videos about drag race or road show. Besides, millions of people search for specific information about cars such as power of engine, oil tank, top speed, latest models, upcoming models, special features etc. Thus it’s good to start a blog about vehicles if you are a pure vehicle lover. Example of some best vehicle related blogs:





#17. Blog about Self-Improvement

Our whole life is a circle of learning and teaching. There is no end of learning. The more your will learn, the more you can improve yourself. Lots of people search for self-improvement topics such as becoming productive, getting rid of depression, how to success in life, strategies to learn fast etc. To be honest, I personally love these topics as it helps me to improve my confidence and skills. You are most welcome to start your blogging journey to make others life better via sharing mental hacks for life. Example of some best self-improvement blogs:





#18. Cartoon blogging

This blogging zone is for kids. As the technology grew much higher in present time, kids also got easy access to internet to fulfill their needs. Millions of kids search for pictures and videos of their favorite cartoon characters as well as for any specific episode that they have missed. You are most welcome to help those kids. I am sure after starting your cartoon blog you will be a star for the kids and they will start loving you. Example of some best cartoon related blogs:





#19. Relationship blog

Some says Love is the most valuable thing in Life and some says Love is the worst thing in Life. It totally depends on the present status of his or her relationship. Lots of people are searching for the solution that they are facing because of their relationship. If you think you are a Love Guru then you must start a blog and help those depressed people as well as who are seeking tricks to express their love. Example of some best relationship blogs:





#20. Home Decor blog

Females are the main visitor of this kind of blogs. Decoration of home or any room is one of the most important task as it directly influences our mood and mental status.  Besides, who are moving to new home usually seek for new home designs to adore their new home. If you wish you can help those design lover people by starting your blog on home decor niche. Example of some best home decor blogs:





#21. Education blog

Do you know how many students are out there? It’s more than a billion. So, what do you think; aren’t they are searching for scholarships, subjects to learn, exam result, study strategy etc? Yes, they are searching a lot. Thus this sector needs more high quality and informative blogs to help those students with fast and accurate information. Example of some best education blogs:





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To conclude this article about most popular blog topics I must say you should ask your heart before choosing any topic to start your blog. Don’t just choose any topic based on popularity or income. If you do so, you will end up having nothing (proved millions of times) from your blog. So, take your time to think and choose your blogging topic very wisely.

Is there any topic that I missed in this article? Looking to hear from you.


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