How to Make Money by Selling Stuffs Online

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eBay is a well-known website that allows you to sell just about anything. This doesn’t mean you’ll actually sell something, just that you can try. Some people try and do great, others don’t fare so well. eBay isn’t the only way to make use of the internet to sell your stuff. You can sell stuff on other large websites such as or sell through your own website. Whatever you decide to sell online, the most important step is to include a product that people will want to buy, finding those people and convincing them to buy your product.


How to Make Money by Selling Stuffs on EBay

EBay is very ‘start and test’. There are basics to learn, but ultimately, you need to try it to really know what you’re doing. First things first, sign up for an account. If you’ve purchased things from eBay, you probably already have an account. Next, go through your house and look for everything you can that you don’t want anymore and could sell. You’ll de-clutter your home, make money and learn the ropes all in one shot. Start by adding one or two products at a time and see how they go. Experiment with different selling options such as auctions, “Buy it Now”, etc. Learn how to build a sales page that encourages people to buy. Learn about different added features you can purchase to get your sales page up to the top, and learn how to use the right words to get the right people to find your products. Once you’ve exhausted your own inventory, you can go a few different ways. Let friends and family know you’re an eBay pro and offer to sell their items for them. Take a commission from the sale. Or, you can sell other products. Buy products wholesale or find other ways to get them cheaper than you could sell them for on eBay. Don’t forget to make a profit. Sell your own product. Invent something, design something, or somehow be creative to make something people will want to buy and get them to buy it. Turn your eBay store into a business and you can do very well. Powersellers are people that sell extensively on eBay and who have done well, in most cases.

If you want to learn more specifics about starting an eBay business and how to be successful, I recommend picking up a copy of How to Buy, Sell, and Profit on eBay: Kick-Start Your Home-Based Business in Just Thirty Days. Adam Ginsberg has a lot of eBay experience which he clearly explains to you. Experience is the best way to learn, even if it’s not your experience.

How to Make Money by Selling Stuffs on Amazon

Not everyone realizes you can sell stuff on without having an eCommerce business. You can sell stuff through a merchant seller account. I used this feature frequently to sell my used textbooks all throughout college. It’s easy to do. Start by setting up a seller account. Search for any item you want to sell and click the “new and used” button under the price. On the top right of the page there should be a button “sell yours here”. Clicking that button will walk you through the steps. You’ll select the condition of your item (New, Like New, Very Good, Good, etc.) and write a short blurb of the condition of your item. Then you’ll enter the price you want and select what kind of shipping you’ll have available. You can review your listing before submitting to see how much you’ll receive if you sell. Amazon takes a percentage fee and adds some money for shipping and handling. The S&H fee varies depending on the type of item. (book, DVD, electronics, etc.) You can choose to sell the item for whatever amount you want, but in order to sell quickly, you should sell it below the Amazon price and on the low end of what is offered in your quality category. For example, if you’re selling a book that sells new from Amazon for $20 and the lowest price of items with a “very good” condition is $8 with an average of $13, pricing $8 or lower will likely get your book to sell fast (if people are buying the item), but you might sell it fairly quickly if you at least price it below $12. It takes practice, but you’ll become good at pricing. You also need to have good feedback. Send your items right away (within 2 days) package well and always ask for feedback. I find that less than half of my buyers actually post feedback. The more happy customers you have, the better you look to future customers. You can’t sell something on Amazon unless it’s a product that is listed. For example, you can’t sell handmade crafts on Amazon. However, if you have good inventory, especially books, you might be able to do better than you would with eBay.

Sell on Amazon: A Guide to Amazon’s Marketplace, Seller Central, and Fulfillment by Amazon Programs is a book that will go into more detail about becoming a seller and making it a strong business.

How to Make Money by Starting your Own eCommerce Website

eCommerce is buying and selling products or services electronically. Usually this means buying and selling products online. Starting an eCommerce business involves researching, developing, and marketing a product. Starting an eCommerce business has the potential to be a huge task, but can be very small as well. It’s so varied it’s impossible to tell you exactly how to start. There are so many products and services to sell. Information products are popular such as selling eBooks, eCourses, and other information products. You could sell regular products in the same way does, but you’d have to choose a niche area that you can sell in. For example, if you’re selling ‘everything under the sun’, you’d have to be able to compete with Narrowing down an industry is a better way to go. For example, instead of selling everything, you could sell dog grooming products, organic vegetable seeds, cooking utensils, fabric, pool toys, etc. There is a lot involved with being successful on the internet with your own website. Whether you have a website selling advertising space, products or services, you need to learn about search engine optimization, how to get people to visit your site and buy, etc.


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This is a guest post by Pritam Nagrale who is an internet marketer & trainer from Mumbai as well as owner of MoneyConnexion blog.


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