How I Increased My Google AdSense Earnings 179% in 7 Days?

Every blogger and webmasters build their blog with a hope to make money from their blog/site. As there are several ways to monetize a blog, so we must choose the best monetization method to make money with our blog. We know that, Google AdSense is one of the most popular, common and effective ways to monetize a blog or site. But most of the newbie bloggers fail to make a handsome income from their blog using Google AdSense. Because most of them use wrong techniques and guidelines. Like some other newbie bloggers, I also fail to generate a handsome revenue from my blog using Google AdSense. I try to follow several techniques and at last I got some good points which help me to increase my Google AdSense Earnings.

In this post, I’m going to share some techniques which help me to Increase my Google AdSense Earnings. Using these techniques, I increased my AdSense Earnings 179% in 7 days. And here is a screenshot.Google AdSense Earnings

Hope these techniques will help you to increase your AdSense earnings too. So, let’s check this techniques and start making more money from AdSense now.

So, How I Increased My Google AdSense Earnings?

Number#1 | Start Using AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme

Blog/site design is one of the most important facts to increase AdSense earnings easily and quickly. As most of the bloggers build their blog with WordPress CMS, so you should use a clean and user friendly WordPress Theme which is specially designed and optimized for AdSense. Recently, I changed my blog theme with a Premium WordPress theme that is optimized for AdSense. And this is the Splash Theme from MyThemeShop. This theme comes with simple and user friendly interface with built-in in 728*90 header ad slot. You can also place an ad in the sidebar area, after and before the post. This helps me to increase CTR as well as increase my AdSense Earnings.AdSense Optimized MyThemeShop Splash Theme

Number#2 | Start Using Google Search Box

Integration a Google Search Box can increase your AdSense earnings quickly. Most of the bloggers ignored this technique and lose a good revenue from their blog. As most of the visitors like to search a blog to find their desirable topic, so why not you should include a Google Search Box in your blog with AdSense ads. Recently, I added a Google Search box in my blog and this helps me to increase my revenue dramatically. Just go to your AdSense dashboard, go to My Ads and select Search. Here you can add a custom search box for your blog/site.

Google Custom Search Box

Google Custom Search Box in the Blog Sidebar

Number#3 | Do Some Keyword Research

Keyword research is another important fact that also helps me to increase my Adsense Earnings dramatically. I usually do some keyword research before writing every new content for my blog to get some high paying keywords. And try to include these keywords in the content naturally. This helps me to rank my content better in the SERPs as well as get high CPC.

Number#4 | Write Quality and Helpful Content

A fresh and helpful content can increase your earnings easily. I always try to write fresh and unique content for my blog that also can solve my reader’s problem. If you write fresh and helpful content, then visitors will stay on your blog for a long time, this also increase the chance to get some clicks on Ads.

Number#5 | Ad Size is a Big Matter

Ad size is another important fact that you should consider for high CTR & CPC and increase revenue. I always use the big size ad unit in my blog that’s been recommended by Google AdSense and some other successful AdSense publishers.

Effective Ad Units for High CTR

  • 728*90
  • 336*280
  • 300*250
  • 300*600 and
  • Responsive ad unit

Number#6 | Fixed Ad Slot in the Sidebar

Ummm, this is one of the biggest factors that help me to increase my AdSense Earnings 179% in 7 days. Recently, I place a fixed ad unit 300*600 in my blog sidebar and now get huge clicks on that ad unit every day. If your blog build with WordPress, then you can easily place a fixed ad unit like me using a WordPress Plugin called Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget) which you can download here for free.

Number#7 | Ad Type also a Big Matter

Most of the bloggers only use Text or IMAGE/RICH Media ads on their blog and this is also a big mistake that can reduce your AdSense Revenue. You should use both Text and IMAGE/RICH Media ads on your blog to get higher CTR, CPC and a good amount of revenue.

Number#8 | Ad Placement is Important

Ad placement is another big factor which can increase or decrease your AdSense Earnings. In my case, I always use a 300*600 size fixed ad unit in the sidebar, a 336*280 size ad unite in after post title and after the post content. Sometime I also use a 728*90 size ad unit in the header section in my blog but not used more than 3 ad units in my blog.

It’s Your Time

So, I used these techniques to increase my Google AdSense Earnings and get a little bit success in last 7 days. Hope these techniques will help you too if you follow these properly.

And also, let me know if I missed any techniques to follow that can help me to increase my CTR, CPC as well as AdSense Earnings more.


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