GetResponse vs Infusionsoft Comparison: Which one worth your Money?


Marketing is the most essential tool of any firm, irrespective of what it sells or who the target audience is. As of now, we have multiple types of marketing strategies available, of which, digital marketing is the most effective and widely used.

Digital marketing has to itself various aspects, and does not include only social media posting and publicity. Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing and today I brought to you a comparison between two marketing software solutions named GetResponse and Infusionsoft.

If you’ve always wondered what tool to use, here I am, to make your choice easier.


GetResponse vs Infusionsoft – Overview


GetResponse is one of the most effective email marketing tools for SMB’s. However, it still has a lot more to it and encompasses various digital marketing needs, which range from sending newsletters, creating landing pages, and a lot more. If you are concerned about your digital marketing campaign, GetResponse has to be your go to place.

Infusionsoft on the other hand isn’t completely limited to digital marketing and deals with CRM, Sales management as well as marketing. Infusionsoft helps you with automating the sales process, payment options and several other similar such integrations. This tool is rather apt for those companies which have a vast customer base.


GetResponse vs Infusionsoft – Trial options

GetResponse offers a 30 day trial with 250 subscribers, unlimited emails and sending options, along with support via phone, live chat and email. In addition to that, it also provides access to landing page and form.


Infusionsoft on the other hand has no trial period to offer, and therefore it is only a choice between buy or don’t buy. No money back guarantee either, which means, if you don’t like it and it doesn’t suit your needs, your money goes down the drain.


GetResponse vs Infusionsoft – Pricing and Budgeting

GetResponse has 4 packages to offer, of which, the first starts at $15 per month and can handle 1000 subscribers. The number can go upto as high as a total of 100,000 subscribers for in the Deluxe plan. Features included are landing page basic, Autoresponders 2.0, marketing automation. There is no limit to the number of emails you send to your subscribers. In addition, with the Enterprise fan, you have access to literally all the features of GetResponse, which includes those from the above, i.e. Autoresponders, Analytics etc. at the same time you can avail features such as custom domain, landing pages, webinars, etc.

Infusionsoft on the other hand is a little more pricey, and has a starting plan of $199 per month and offers CRM and Marketing Automation. It includes a total of 2500 subscribers in the list and 12500 mails can be sent in total per month. Though the software claims to be more of an all-in-one of sorts, it does miss out on some features in its basic plan. Also, it limits the number of mails that can be sent, which sure isn’t a very cool thing to do.


GetResponse vs Infusionsoft – User Interface

When we compare the usability of both the softwares, GetResponse seems to have a rather upper hand because of the simplicity and ease of use. The features on Infusionsoft make it a little complicated and hard to understand.


GetResponse vs Infusionsoft – Features available

GetResponse does it yet again with the availability of features. GetResponse has different sections allotted for each of marketing tool such as Landing pages, email marketing, Autoresponsders and webinars. What makes the entire working and functioning of the software a lot easier is the fact that they are all interconnected and using them and managing them is super easy. The software has Autoresponder 2.0, which is, the newest way of dealing with customer interactions.

Infusionsoft on the other hand does not have all the features, rather it doesn’t have features which make the software something very smart and efficient. For starters, it does not even have A/B testing for email marketing purpose, which is, definitely a not so good thing for all the marketers around.


GetResponse vs Infusionsoft – Customer support

Anyone who has ever used the live chat feature for GetResponse will be overwhelmed by the response it has. GetResponse is customer support at its. (Note: We are talking about the 24×7 live chat feature here) Rest assured to not waste any time and have the fastest possible response time.

Infusionsoft as well has live chat support, which is available 24×7 along with other customer care tools such as live training, call services. In addition, it also has paid services to cater to your needs.


GetResponse vs Infusionsoft – Analytics


Tracking inbox rate, open rate, click rate, number of unsubscribers etc. are all very important aspects of email marketing. Both, GetResponse as well as Infusionsoft allow you to see the statistical data in order to have a better understanding of your conversions and get an idea of your revenue, success rate, etc.


  • Effective: Nothing better than GetResponse for effective email marketing
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Ease of use: Excellent integration with third party apps
  • Support: Excellent customer support
  • Basic landing page creator for all users
  • Autoresponder


  • Smart email marketing: It allows responsive email marketing
  • Strong support system
  • Regular emailing

Which Email marketing tool do I use?

If you go by what I have spoken of, and how I have spoken about both the softwares, the answer is quite clear. Yes, it is GetResponse. It is in fact, just the right tool for the email campaigns. Currently, I am using the $25 per month plan and I am pretty much happy with the service provided by the same.


Final words

Talking about the discussion above, GetResponse is the right tool to cater to all your email marketing needs. Also, it deals with SMB’s and is affordable. It is your one stop solution for all the email marketing needs.

Infusionsoft on the other hand is rather apt for sales, CRMs and has not much to do with the marketing aspect.

So now, you do know which one of this is the best email marketing service?

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