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Do you know why people do use internet? Surely to get access into immense amount of contents that are hosted on servers around the world. Thus, we can come to a conclusion that contents are the core basement of internet because if there were no content no one would use it ever.

Some of those amazing contents are created by the website or blog owners but most of them are written by expert writers. If you are an experienced webmaster then surely you are familiar with hiring content writer or outsourcing contents from any agency or marketplace. Today, I am going to introduce you with a reliable and excellent platform to get your desired contents in any topic on you demand. In this ContentMart review article I will be revealing both pros and cons of ContentMart platform which is leading in Indian marketplace right now, along with having immense amount of worldwide writers.


What is ContentMart and How it Works?

Those who are familiar with UpWork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour etc for outsourcing services, let me clarify one thing for you that ContentMart is only focused on high quality content delivery not other services that you can find on usual freelancing marketplaces. Hence, you can find the most of the expert content writers over here. In short, ContentMart is a marketplace for freelance content writers and webmasters who outsource contents. Because it's only focused on Content it's quite better for getting high quality contents compared to other leading online marketplaces.


The work process of ContentMart is easier than the typical marketplaces​, you just need to put detail of your content along with requirements and after pressing the submit button you just need to wait to get it written by an expert writer who has vast knowledge in that topic. The step of selecting and interviewing writers can be skipped in this platform which is definite time saving and hassle free. Don't believe my words? just give a try!

Getting Started and Making the First Order:


After signing up successfully it needs a couple of clicks to make the first order. From the order tab, just put your content title and description so that the writer can get the idea about what you really want. On the top of that if you need, you can also add files as attachment. 

After filling up the mandatory part​, you can taste the real features of this platform which is pricing according to your own budget (this feature is impressive), SEO instructions for optimizing the content, Language, Delivery period, Auto plagiarism checker, Auto content optimization checker etc. Truly this part made ContentMart more advanced and different from other content outsourcing platforms. Having built-in SEO optimization checker and plagiarism checker made the task easier and faster for us. After submitting the order you can just forget about this and focus on your other works as you will be informed by Email after the content delivery within the given time period.

Content Quality and Writers of ContentMart:


Everyone has different budget and taste for content and hence ContentMart has from Mid level to very high level content writers categorized based on price per word. I have already mentioned that you can set the pricing based on your own choice (minimum rang of $0.006) so that you do not face any problem regarding budget. However, it's pretty clear that if you do pay high price then premium writers will be taking your order and hence you will get the best quality out there. So the conclusion is, no matter what's your budget is ContenrtMart always has an option for you but the more you pay per word the better quality you will get from the writers.

The highest price per word is $0.07 which is also worthy of trying as most of those high profiled writers are contributors, columnists and editors of top notch magazines and newspapers. ​


Although it's needless to check writers profile and go through selection process but some of you may want to select the writer based on your own choice and taste and hence this option is also available in this platform. From the tab click the "Writers" and thousands of profile will appear in front of you. You can search for writers based on your requirement and filter out the best one depending on expertise, country, language, region etc. After selecting the writer you can either assign him/her task or do in depth research by looking at his/her previous works, reviews, expertise, interest etc.  


  • Easy to use Platform
  • Budget friendly
  • Delivers faster than typical market places
  • Content writing service in different languages
  • Comes with content translation service


  • Majority of the writers are from India
  • Some profiles are marked as Verified even though they don't have any identical profile image.

Bonus Information:

You are pretty lucky because you are still here and got to know the bonus part. Although you have to invest for your contents but what about making some money from the same platform? No No, You don't need to provide any content writing service and even you don't need to do any hard work. Just let your friends know about this and get 10% of what they order.

Seems you got my point, I am talking about doing affiliation of ContentMart which will help you to get some return from the same platform without even doing any work. So, don't forget to check the affiliate dashboard of ContentMart.

Are you still here?? Haven't you signed up for a free ContentMart account? Come on, do it now. What are you waiting for?


Every freelancing and outsourcing platforms are unique in their own way. You may get huge range of services from Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc. but to get the best content writing service ContentMart can be the choice of wise person. If you do have any previous experience with this content writing platform let me know via comment. Did I missed something?? Just let me know. 



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