Are you conscious about the loading speed of your blog?

Loading ………………..

Loading ………..

Loading ….

Do you like to see such kind of scenario while visiting any blog? I am sure your answer is NO. This is really disgusting and waste of time. I don’t want to waste my valuable time and so my blog visitors. Same theory goes for your blog and visitors.

Thus ensuring fast loading speed of your blog is one of the essential tasks of your blogging journey. Fast loading speed not only reflects your blog’s quality but also increases traffic by making a positive leverage in search engine ranking.

Whether you believe or not I got it’s proof by my own experiment.  My traffic of the this blog has been increased by 20% when I changed my server as well as redesigned my blog  with new fast and clean coded theme. See the screenshot by yourself:

increase blog traffic by techmasi

Note: You can see there is a down flow of traffic just after changing my hosting server. It happened because it’s first time I have shifted blog from one server to another and thus I faced some technical problems like database error and widget error. Later I solved those issues and finally got a rise of 20% traffic without any extra afford.

Listen my friend, I am sharing these information with you just to make you understand how important loading speed is. You can definitely take your blog to the next level by boosting your blog’s loading speed.

You may think Why fast loading speed has increased my traffic?  Answer is very simple.

Let’s find out the answer together.

What is the main motto of Google?

– Main motto of Google is to provide best User Experience to its visitors.

Why Google want’s to provide best user experience?

– If Google fails to provide best service, people will stop Googling. Thus Google will lose their entire business.

Okey I got it but what do you mean by User Experience? What factors are included in this term?

– User experience is a combined term of speed, relevancy, accuracy and ease. Each and every factor that is able to improve any of these four terms can be called a factor of User Experience.


As you have seen that “speed” is also a factor of User Experience, it matters a lot in case of my blog as well as yours. See the Before and After status of my blog’s loading speed here:

increase blog loading speed by techmasi

I hope you have realized the importance of loading speed in case of your blog. Ahh! My motto is successful.

Now let me tell you how you can improve the loading speed of your blog (if it’s too slow). You can check your blog’s loading speed with Page Speed Insights which is the official speed checker tool of Google. Here are the methods via which you can improve your blog’s loading speed which eventually give you more traffic as me.

#1. Check your hosting server

Server is the home of your blog. If your server’s response time is higher than the whole process will be slower. So make sure you have hosted your blog in a server that has low response time. Usually response time less than 1 second is better. If your current hosting provider has server response time of more than 1.5 second then I suggest you to change your server. Now a day’s most of the hosting providers are using SSD drive which is faster than traditional HDD drive. Therefore make sure your next hosting server (if you are willing to change) has SSD drive. Some best hosting providers that has SSD drive are A2Hosting, DreamHost, iPage, BlueHost etc.

In the recent days, SiteGround is another big player in the market. They recently got selected by as one of the recommended hosting service providers. This SiteGround Review by Marketever shows, they take less than 500ms to load a web page completely!


#2. Fast loading Theme

Importance of clean coded, fast loading and responsive theme is not less than server response time. No matter how fast your server is, if your theme is full of junk your whole blog will be slower. Therefore I highly recommend you to use clean, fast and responsive theme. Last one year I have used free theme but now I am using premium theme of My Theme Shop which made my blog faster and increased User Experience which eventually increased my traffic by 20% without any further promotion or content. By the way I am using WordPress for which I can recommend My Theme Shop but if you are using other CMS like Blogger, Drupal, Joomla etc. make sure your theme meets above three terms.


#3. Clean code

Sometime over coded blogs might leg behind in the race of speed. So it’s better to keep your blog/theme clean coded as much as possible. Don’t junk your blog with unnecessary HTML, CSS or Java Script codes. Moreover it’s better to avoid iframe, Flash and Java Script codes as they harm the loading speed immensely.


#4. Optimize Images

Images can be called the biggest culprit behind making the blog slow. On the other hand, images are the most attractive part of any blog for which we can’t avoid using images in our blogs. To automate the process you can use WordPress plugins like or EWWW for optimizing the images. I would like to recommend you to optimize your images manually via PhotoShop (if you have skill) software. Try to keep your image at minimum size without making any changes in image quality.


#5. Make your home page light

Home page is the face of your blog. Most of the people will visit your home page to read more articles that are published by you. Thus home page is very important and you must optimize your home page for fast loading speed. Some suggestions are:

  •  Don’t keep more than 10 posts in your home page.
  •  Don’t make your home page junk with lots of ad banners and widgets.
  •  Highly optimize you featured image separately as those images will be shown in the home page.


#6. Use CDN for better service

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network which is an advanced way to super change the speed of your blog. CDN technology will not only increase your blog’s loading speed but also keep your blog safe from spammers and hackers. CloudFlare and MaxCDN are two widely used CDN service in the world. Besides some top hosting services like A2Hosting and DreamHost are providing free CDN service via CloudFlare for better optimization.

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To conclude this matter I must say that never underestimate the importance of loading speed of your blog. Fast loading speed can give a boost to your SEO ranking and drive more traffic. On the other hand, slow loading speed can harm your SEO ranking and thus your traffic will shrink day by day. Take your blog to the next level by applying above mention methods. Feel free to speak your mind via comment and share it with your friends.

Did I missed any speed optimization method?? If yes, then please let me know.


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