5 Real Un-Reasons Why Many Blogs Fail to Succeed

Thousands of bloggers are emerging out daily with the desire of making money out of blogs, but very few of them are succeeding and able to develop wings to fly over blogosphere. Remaining of them gets vanished with time, because they might be lagging in some qualities which the successful pro-bloggers has.

Here is the real un-reason why your blog fail to make a strong mark in blogosphere, and how you can overcome it.

reasons of blog failure

1. Un-Focused 

You’re not focused on a single niche. Having many numbers of topics and articles won’t bring traffic spike to your blog.

Write content related to your business or targeted audience. Do a deep research and provide insight to your readers. Answer each and every question of the users, sometimes they might ask silly question but don’t ignore it. Make other users to comment on users questions.


2. Un-Professional

Not only the theme that makes your blog look professional, but the way your write, interact with your readers, and how you socialize your blog, all of them collectively taken into account that would make your blog fly in the world of content marketing.

Some tips for professionalism,

a. Select a clean and neat professional theme that suits you business.

b. A good knowledge in English grammar with excellent writing skills will make your users to read your blog again and again. And that’s how you can build a returning, or loyal reader base.

c. Socialize your blog by adding readymade plug-in or scripts that makes easy for users to share your content over social media.


3. Un-Engaging

This is the problem with most of the bloggers; they write worth useful and well research article but fail to engage with their readers. Keep in mind, you’re not writing article to bots, try to engage with them, answer to their questions and if possible visit their blog and comment on their articles, don’t hesitate to share their great work with your audience.

Check out Neil Patel blog, he is one of the top 10 bloggers in the world but still he used to answers each and every comment the user make in his post.


4. Un-Findable

Is your blog easily finable by users and search bots? Adding good content along won’t drive you traffic, but you should do some basic SEO thing in your blog to quick index your blog and rank above competitors.

If you are a newbie, then I suggest you to read some basic SEO and implement those things in your blog. The mantra for successful blog is “experimenting”. Keep on experimenting new things which you learn, don’t worry if you fail 10 times. You’ll surely succeed in 11th time that makes you to forget those failures.


5. Un-Desirable

Last, but not least. Have an uncontrollable passion, or desire for your business. This is not about crafting good content, and ranking on the top. But it acts as a driving force, and makes you to stand firm in spite of repeated failures.

It never leave you desperate at any situation, if you fail, then it makes you to see the failure as an opportunity and not as end of the world.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Do you have any suggestion or like to add some points to this article, kindly use the comment Form below.


Author Bio:- 

This is a guest post by Ron Davis.

 A freelance writer and a passionate social media marketer. He is currently working on the blog http://digitaloceanpromo.net, a site which delivers coupons and reviews about DigitalOcean that helps you to make right hosting choice for your blog


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