5 Bloggers Revealed Their Secret to Get More Referral Traffic

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This is my first Round Up post of this blog. I learned a lot while collecting answers for this post. Hope to avoid those mistakes from next Round Up post.

Most of the bloggers stuck on the way to traffic. They can not start the flow of traffic as they have no or very few idea about traffic generating strategies. Besides, most of the new bloggers totally depends on major search engines for traffic. As initial search engine optimization takes much time it is hard to find organic traffic in the beginning. Moreover, no one knows when a search engine (mostly Google) is going to slap your blog site(s).

The only solution to get initial blog traffic as well as not to totally depend on Google, Bing or other search engines is to generate referral traffic from various sources. Now, What do you mean by referral traffic? (in case you are new about this). Traffic from other relevant sources like blogs, video sites, forums, Q/A sites, social networking sites etc is known as referral traffic. In short, traffic which is not from any search engine. However, you can not consider spam traffic as referral traffic. If you are getting visitors from howtostopreferralspam.eu, www3.free-social-buttons.com or any other similar sources that you can not recognize, then be sure that it’s spam traffic.

So, now the question is How to get referral traffic?

To provide you the best value regarding this question I ask questions about referral traffic to some leading bloggers of the industry and 5 of them gave brilliant answer which can help you a lot to start your stream of referral traffic.

Here is the question I asked them,

What is your favorite source to generate referral traffic? Why do you like that source? What do you do to generate traffic from that source?


And here goes the brilliant answers from 5 leading bloggers of the industry.


#1. Dave Schneider – Blogger and Online entrepreneur

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One of my favorite sources of referral traffic is Quora. This is because the traffic is highly engaged and targeted. Most of the people come over because they saw one of my answers to a question. This means they have already passed through one filter and are definitely interested in what they are about to see. It is like organic traffic because in a way it is search based, but with the additional filter, it tends to be very quality and converts well.

Generating the traffic requires you to be active in posting answers to peoples questions. You have to drop links as well, which is allowed, if it is relevant.


#2. Zac Johnson – Blogger and Online entrepreneur

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My favorite source(s) for generating traffic are through organic search results and facebook advertising, each of which I will explain below.

Organic Search — Free traffic is always great and when someone goes to the search results and types something in, they are genuinely interested and ready to take action. The negatives of organic traffic is that it takes a lot of time to build out a site that will continually rank at the top of the search results. However, once this is put in place, you have an amazing business model that should last for years to come.

Facebook Advertising — If you have some money to invest in online advertising, Facebook Ads is definitely a great way to go. In addition to their “interest” based targeting, you can also setup retargeting and custom audiences to show ads directly to people who many already be on your mailing list or have visited your site.


#3. Jitendra Vaswani – Entrepreneur and Brand Ambassador of Payoneer (India)

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My favorite resource of referral traffic is Facebook for sure. Through Facebook I get targeted leads and there are high chances of getting sales from FB ads too. FB ads are powerful and best for getting leads.

To generate build an loyal audience on facebook. Have a great facebook friends and build a connection & trust between them. By having trust there are high chances that you will get traffic and sales for your business.

Channelize your FB audience and you will be pumping traffic to your site.


#4. Adeel Sami – Blogger

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Blog commenting.

Not that it helps to drive referral traffic, it makes me building
up friendly relationship with fellow bloggers which is a powerful
thing to get noticed in blogosphere.

Well, I do :
a- I try to find the niche/topic related blogs as mine.
b- I try to leave lengthy (and qualitative to me) comments.
c- Ask question in the comments where possible as most people read the
comments as well. With the question, you have better chances someone
will land on your place to find more about you.
d- CommentLuv-enabled blogs have most impact to drive traffic with its
prime feature to include your one blog post with the comment. The
title may spark the curiosity within some or many. I am not saying to
only comment on CommentLuv-enabled blogs but this is one of the many
factors to get referral traffic and does not limit my commenting
e- Do not use generic-styled of comments like thank you for the post,
it is so helpful for me, etc. – It just turns off the interest of the
blog owners and the commenters reading it.
f- Believe in reciprocation. Give it sometime and folks start coming
over your place.


#5. Anil Agarwal – Blogger

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My favorite referral traffic source is Facebook as I’ve a huge friend
list and most of them are bloggers who are interested in making money
online (which is the most common topic discussed on my site).

I generally post on Facebook whenever I publish a new blog post on my
blog. And it will get fair amount of shares, likes and comments from
other bloggers. This also use to send notifications to others who are in
their friend’s list. So the people who are interested in that topic also use to visit my blog.

Make sure to focus on interacting with other bloggers through social
media and use magnetic headlines to make your blog posts go viral.


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At the end, I would like to give you some Superb! Tricks for your referral traffic stream. Here are those:

#1. Find relevant blogs to submit guest post. Your guest post must assume value so that readers will be interested to learn more about you and visit your blog.

#2. Find out relevant question in Q/A sites and give reply with solution. You can use your blog link (if you have the solution over there) or you can use blog link as your designation.

#3. Do comment on relevant blogs but don’t forget to provide value via your comment. You can go though below articles to learn effective blog commenting strategies.

#4. Collect Emails from your readers to get INSTANT! referral traffic. I highly recommend Get Response which is a leading Email marketing tool and FREE! for the first month.

#5. Make PDF version of your blog post and share via Doc sharing sites like Slide Share, Docstoc, Ebookdirectory etc.

#6. Do social bookmarking on popular sites like Stumbleupon, Delicious, Reddit, Digg etc. In this case don’t just put your blog’s link and forget about that. Try to get votes from other people by engaging with them.

#7. Share your blog images and infographics with the world which will work as magnet to drive traffic. Use Pinterest, Flickr, Imgur etc for sharing images.


That’s all for now. It’s time to take ACTION! for starting your stream of referral traffic. Don’t forget to share your secret to get referral traffic via comment and to share this post with your friends.


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