10 Ultimate Free Link Building Tools

Why do you need free link building tools? The simple answer is, if you are a newbie or does not afford to premium one. Besides, manual link building is a daunting task. That’s why; nowadays many marketers get helped by the free tools. The tools can perform lots of tasks in less time that save your time and money.

But, the selection of tools is another difficult job. I practically used some tools that I mentioned here. And some I researched and got them effective for link building. However make sure you are indexing your newly built backlinks either manually or by using ping tools.

That’s why; I decided to share those free link building tools for you. Anyway, let’s enjoy them.

SEO Book – Free Link Building Tools

This free link building tool of SEO book helps you based on the keyword research and analysis. It analyzes your whole link building process and detects the best link building opportunities.

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Buzz Stream Free Link Building Tools

The free link building tool of BuzzStream analyzes and finds out the link creating resources. Then this tool handles the link building works in an automated process.

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Link Searching – Free Link Building Tools

Link Searching is a completely free link building tools to find websites for building backlinks. This tool use footprints based on those you can easily search your relevant websites. Just choose your keywords and click on the search box, then you will get the expected websites where you can drop your links. You can create backlinks to .gov, .edu, dofollow and high page rank websites.

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Web SEO Analytics Backlink Hunter Free Tool

Backlink Hunter is one of the best free link building tools. It helps you creating lots of valuable backlinks and allows you to create affiliations in a short time. This tool takes out the resources where you can drop your links.

[button-blue url=”http://www.webseoanalytics.com/free/seo-tools/backlink-hunter.php” target=”_self” position=”center”] VIEW TOOL[/button-blue]

Link Nabber Link Building Free Software

This is great software for optimizing your SEO. They know how much important the link building task to rank your site in Google. That’s why; this tool will help you such a way that you can easily build your backlinks with a standard quality that will lead your site to rank.

[button-blue url=”http://www.linknabber.com/” target=”_self” position=”center”] VIEW TOOL [/button-blue]

Ontolo Free Link Building Tools

Ontolo Free Link Building Tools come with several benefits for the content marketers, internet marketers and for the link building experts. It also offers a pro version. I think, Ontolo can be your ultimate tool for link building.

[button-blue url=”http://ontolo.com/link-building-tools” target=”_self” position=”center”] VIEW TOOL[/button-blue]

Open Site Explorer

You can use this tool free up to a limited time, and then you have to use its premium account. It is owned by moz.com. This tool mainly checks the link profile. It has got lots of popularity for backlink analyzing, and checking. It gives you the deep link building data.

[button-blue url=”https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/” target=”_self” position=”center”] VIEW TOOL [/button-blue]

Link Diagnosis Free Link Building Tools

This tool diagnoses your all link profiles, and then gives you the data comparing to your competitors. It provides you information with no-follow links, PageRank, dofollow links and anchor text etc.

[button-blue url=”http://www.linkdiagnosis.com/” target=”_self” position=”center”] VIEW TOOL [/button-blue]

Majestic SEO Free Link Building Tools

It is an advanced level SEO tool for the experienced professionals and internet marketing specialists. This tool involves with the link profile analyzing and competitive link diagnosis.

[button-blue url=”https://majestic.com/support/tools” target=”_self” position=”center”] VIEW TOOL [/button-blue]

SeededBuzz Free Link Building Tools

SeededBuzz is another great tool for link creation. It finds out the blogs that have the same interest like you. Then it helps you to promote your contents to those bloggers by link building strategies.


[button-blue url=”http://www.seededbuzz.com/” target=”_self” position=”left”] VIEW TOOL [/button-blue]

Remember one thing, link building process should be fair, relevant and trusted to Google. If not, you may be penalized. That’s why; the usages of free link building tools are a little bit critical.

If you have any problem, ask me freely. I will help you my best. No more today. Wish you a good online profession.


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