Best Website Traffic Generator in 2018: Never Struggle to Get Traffic!!!


Traffic is the blood cell of any website and hence traffic-less websites can be considered as a dead site. What about yours? Are you struggling to get targeted traffic to your website?

Congrats! You are in the right corner of the web and this article will introduce you with the best website traffic generator that will end your struggle regarding getting traffic to your website. Now, before taking any action I highly recommend to go through each and every word of this article and then think of your own to make the final decision.

There are more than half a billion active websites under the sun and most of the (almost 70%) of them struggle to get traffic due to the high competition and expense of the process like SEO or Digital Marketing. However, you can simple buy targeted traffic from various sources at any time you want! Every paid ad campaign is an attempt to get traffic in exchange of money. However the reasons behind getting traffic are pretty different from each other. Some people buy traffic to get sales, some buy traffic to get leads, some buy traffic for brand exposure, some buy traffic to gain authority and improve rank on several metrics and so more.

When it comes to traffic for sales or leads it varies from industry to industry and country to country, on the top of that it requires other complex process that are suitable only for the advanced paid traffic masters. In this article I will be discussing traffic for branding and improving rank on several web metrics which are responsible for judging the quality of a website such as Alexa rank, Similarweb Rank, Domain Rating, WOT Rank and so on.

Buying bulk traffic from any website traffic generator tool has both advantages and disadvantages of its own and hence you must be careful while taking any step for your website. Before moving to the warnings of buying website traffic let’s get to know the reasons why you should increase web traffic by any means.

7 Reasons to use Website Traffic Generator for Ranking Up!

#1. Gain Trust and Authority:
Getting traffic at huge volume will surely improve your ranking on several web metrics which will definitely increase the trust and authority of your website in the eye of visitors.

#2. Get Referral Traffic:
High ranking metrics will result in getting your site on the top position of several charts such as Top Alexa sites, Top WOT sites and so more. People usually go through these lists to discover new sites and hence you will be getting referral traffic as well. Who knows? Some of those traffic may be your next big client or loyal reader of your blog.

#3. Earn Free Backlinks:
As I mentioned higher rank will result in getting inserted your website on several top lists. As the links on top list are clickable and will redirect back to your site, you are literally getting free backlinks.

#4. Convince Advertisers:
Whenever advertisers look for direct display ads or sponsored post ads on any blog or website they usually look for the metrics as those are the only signs via which one can get idea about the quality of website before even contacting with the owner. Getting targeted visitors via traffic generation tool will improve the rank and the rank will help you to get more advertisers who will pay you.

#5. Use as Social Proof:
There are some websites on the web which has live public traffic stat to show the visitors how popular your site is. You can do the this simply by adding some codes from analytic counters like Histats or Feedjet. Having traffic rich stat on those counters will convey a positive social proof to your visitors.

#6. Overtake Competitors Quickly:
Simple! By getting traffic for your website you can out rank your competitors on several ranking metrics and quickly gain their visitors and clients too via improving authority!

#7. Generate Revenue:
Although some high end ad network won't give approval for generated website traffic but there are many online ad networks who have no problem with the source of traffic and hence you can also make money out of your traffic.

3 Warnings for you:

#1. Google Adsense:
In case you are using Google Adsense ads on your blog I highly recommend no to go for traffic generation tool. However, you can consider getting Adsense safe traffic at your own risk. 

#2. Don't expect to have sales or lead conversion:
As I already mentioned visitors that come from website traffic generator won't buy what you are selling or may not convert into lead. So expecting to have sales and conversion from such bought traffic may end up being disappointment. 

#3. Aware of Excess and Uncontrolled traffic:
This part is only applicable for the people who are on low budget server. With the use of website traffic generator software you are getting access to one of the most power machine; getting excess and uncontrolled traffic that your server can't handle may harm your website by making it down.

Oops! I wrote a lot before even introducing you with the ultimate powerful website traffic generator tool. Everything I wrote above is for your better understanding and now you are completely ready to use the web traffic generating tool named TrafficBot.

However, HitLeap is the Legend when is comes to generating instant traffic which is used by more than 10 million users. Check this post for further detail about HitLeap.


TrafficBot is a UK based powerful web traffic generator company which serves millions of traffic every single month. No matter for which purpose you want to buy traffic, it can provide you traffic for whatever reason you want. The traffic from this tool is not ordinary like the others, you can get US targetd traffic, Alexa traffic, Adsense safe website traffic and so more from this one online tool. Don't believe my words, try it by yourself for free! 

Internal navigation dashboard of TrafficBot is so simple and easy to use that even a newbie can create new projects and campaigns without even reading any formal instruction. Every function is pretty handy as you can find literally everything on the left bar of the dashboard.


So what's next? Create your project and drive unlimited targeted traffic to your website in order to gain authority, improved rank, trust from users, more money from advertisers and so on.

No matter how much plan we make to improve our online business, if we don't take action we will be at the same position as we are now. So, make sure you are not just sitting and going through the content as usual. Take Action, Get result! I will be glad to know your experience and would love to answer your query in case you have any.


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