6 Proven Ways to Get More Reviews for Your Business


Can you find the perfect recipe for unmatched marketing success in today’s times? Is there a one step solution to your marketing woes that will make you the number one choice among your users? Can you find a better way into your audience’s minds without much of a hassle? Is there any one particular way to get more positive reviews for your business online? Well, there is not a singular rule to garnering positive reviews from your audience. Following are some of the proven ways to get more valuable reviews for your business but they won’t work in isolation.


1. Make Reviewing Easy For Your Customers

This is very natural because the easier it is for your audience to review an item or a purchase, the more often they will be willing to do it. It is quite an obvious yet one of the most ignored facts of online businesses today. To make reviews easy you will have to take certain steps such as:

  • Having useful links on your homepage that take them to the official product page for easy reviewing
  • Sending out emails to get more reviews after you have successfully resolved a customer grievance
  • Using quick and general surveys to seek detailed inputs about the service in general
  • Adding a personal touch by requesting to know the most appropriate time to get in touch with them


2. Offer Them Incentives and See the Positive Results

Getting useful reviews is important when you are aiming to build a good reputation. These reviews make a whole lot of difference in your business and if you have to go an extra mile to secure them, do it. You should not hesitate from offering something in return to your customers in exchange for their valuable time. Items and offerings such as a discount card, an e-coupon, or a code or a money back offer, etc. easily encourage your customers to drop a review for you online. This technique can indeed do wonders for your products if a customer is happy with his purchase but isn’t willing to spare time or isn’t interested to drop a review. You can thus try:

  • Organizing a monthly give away for your loyal customers who have provided reviews
  • Offering them discounts/coupons/freebie gifts and more for reviewing a product

Being a little creative here with your choice of gifts and incentives is the need of the hour and remember not just to reward the positive reviews but also the candid and honest negative ones.

3. Asking For Reviews via Email

Remember, asking your audience for reviews for your products and service via email could be a little trickier than you think because emails get ignored or worse still deleted or spammed in a matter of second. As a business entity you get little to no face time with your customers in many cases and this is where emails come in. Although asking for a review from your customers via email should only be followed by a thorough pre-screening of your customers. This can be done via an internal survey before sending out another email that intends to gather a public review. Use customer friendly language and terminology that resonate with them and makes them feel comfortable enough to write down a review. You can also take into consideration these best practices for your email requests:

  • The email written should be more of a personal request
  • Always include a very clear call-to-action link/button in your email
  • Any random social media link or website footer should be removed
  • Try to use plain-text emails instead of HTML
  • You can also test different email copies just to see which one performs the best


4. Get Social with Your Reviews

You should try as much as you can with your audience’s permission of course to promote a happy customer image. Their experiences with your products and service matter a lot and so this should show across all your social media channels. People will be much more inclined to Like your social media page and follow your business on social platforms when they get to know how considerate you are and how taking care of your customers is a priority to you. This will make them see you in a different light and would want to write up a review of their own.


5. Making it Mobile

Yes, make it possible for your users to submit their reviews and opinions while they are on the go. Nobody wants to sit down on their PC and write a thesis on something that they purchased about a month back. The mobile aspect brings portability and speed to your reviewing process. Not just this, but your texts, emails and survey sheets must be highly responsive as well. This ensures that they adapt to different screen sizes and operating systems that your users keep in their pockets. Users are constantly looking at their mobile screens for notifications. Thus, designing mobile first surveys and review pages makes even more sense. This also ensures more comfort and you can get more customers to respond in a given time.


6. Say Thank You

Yes, this is a habit that you will have to cultivate as you go about asking for reviews from your customers. You just have to thank every reviewer for taking out the time to write a review on your site. It is not just about paying attention to the time of the day or the day of the week that they are most inclined to write a review but also what state of mind you leave them in after that review. So, thank them later once they are done. Reading a personalized note of “thank you” on a Sunday morning resonates well with your audience and encourages them to write more reviews in the future by being more receptive to your requests. This also proves to them that their opinion matters to you and thus enhances the loyalty factor.



These were just some of the ways that can get you helpful reviews. However, these are not set in stone and should not be taken as absolute guarantors of reviews. Of course you can try them and draw your own inferences later. What might have worked for your competitor might not work for you and vice versa. Remember, there is more where they came from and over time those methods of garnering reviews will evolve too.

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