Top 7 Killer Ways to Decrease Alexa Traffic Rank Fast

Alexa traffic rank reflects the quality of a website or blog. Therefore it matters much to the site owners. Alexa is a site ranking company which is a part of It gives a rank to a particular site which is globally recognized. Moreover, alexa rank is very important to attract the advertiser’s to show adds on a particular website or blog. The lower alexa traffic rank comes, the higher site’s quality rises. That’s why getting a decreased alexa rank is a headache for the site owners as well as for the bloggers. My this article will teach you how you can decrease alexa traffic rank fast and easily by using some strategy.

Top 7 Killer Ways to Decrease Alexa Traffic Rank Fast

1. Claim your site:

Claiming you site in Alexa tool is an effective approach to decrease alexa traffic rank fast. Previously claiming was totally free but now you need to spent money for claiming. Don’t worry,still you have a chance to claim you site in alexa for free via 10 days trail. You can get your first alexa rank within 3-5 days of claiming/submitting your site in alexa.

2. Use Alexa toolbar:

In my opinion using alexa toolbar is much more than claiming your site in alexa. You can decrease alexa rank of your site rapidly by using alexa toolbar. Basically alexa counts only the visits that is made by alexa toolbar installed browser. These type of visits are known as valid hits/visits to alexa. Therefore, if you haven’t installed it till now, go and own the tool right now.

3. Use Alexa widgets:

This is also an important part of alexa which will help you to reach your desired goal. Alexa gives priority to the sites that has alexa widgets installed. Besides you can show your site’s alexa rank and backlinks to your all visitors even if they don’t have alexa toolbar installed in their browser. Copy the alexa widget code in your site replacing “” with your site’s name.

<a href=””><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script></a>

4. Get more alexa backlinks:

You need to build more alexa backlinks to rank higher (means to decrease rank) in the eye of alexa. You may think, what is alexa backlinks? How to get them? Solution is, Backlinks that can be crawled by alexa bot (also known as crawler or spider) are known as alexa backlinks. Easiest way to find out alexa backlinks is to see alexa statistics of other sites. There you can find the number of backlinks and five backlinks address. Simply follow the links and try to get your alexa backlink juice. I found this technique very effective to me.

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5. Get alexa toolbar traffic:

This is a little bit difficult but very effective ethical way to decrease alexa traffic rank rapidly. In this technique your need to target bloggers and webmasters as your visitor. As almost all blogger and webmaster use alexa toolbar, this strategy will definitely help you a lot. For this purpose you need to be active in blogging communities and webmaster forums.

6. Get unlimited auto visitors: (Recommended only for the newbies)

The above techniques may seem hard to the newbies. Therefore I am giving an easy way for them. Go to HitLeap and sign up. This is an auto traffic exchange site. After signing up, log in to your account and add your site’s link in “My Websites” tab. Then go to “Traffic Exchange” and download HitLeap Viewer. Finally open the viewer and click “Start” button to get credits. These credits will help your site to get free auto visitors. This process is fully automated and effective as the viewer has an integrated alexa toolbar. I personally recommend this technique only for the newbies. Pros should go for higher techniques.

7. Get free alexa toolbar visitors: (Recommended mostly for the newbies)

Now let’s start the 7th and the last strategy. This process is also for the newbies but the pros can also use this process in various ways. For this go to LikesPlanet and LikesASAP and sign up/register in these sites. These are mainly social media exchange sites which are generally used for increasing facebook likes and shares, twitter tweets and followers etc. But we will use it for alexa rank boosting. You will find an option named alexa/alexa boostup where you need to add your site. Here also you need to collect credits/mana which can be gained both automatic and manually. Both are good site but recently I have noticed that LikesPlanet is running daily credit contest along with daily bonus system. Moreover, it got a new improved look which is very nice.

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