Top 11 Sites to Learn Programming Online for Free

Have you ever dreamed to be a computer programmer? If your answer is affirmative. Then this article may be your starting point to be a programmer in true sense. Programmers are the person behind all latest technology. From a digital watch to a super computer every thing is controlled by the programmers. In short, they are the backbone of all tech devices. Thus they play vital role in our life. You can also join them and lead the tech devices with your own coding skill. Wait… what did you say? You don’t know coding. Great! Just think if you were a good programmer, then who will read this article. Hope I can provide you sufficient references to gain your goal of being a good programmer. So, here I am going to discuss about best sites from where you can learn programming online which is free of cost.

Top 11 Sites to Learn Programming Online for Free

Programming is a art to control all electronic devices. It is not so easy to obtain this art nor too hard as you are thinking now. You need to have high perseverance to learn programming. I am adding a video made by where you can hear speech about programming from the famous persons. Hope this video will inspire you…

I don’t know this video can influence your mind or not. But hoping to have a positive view from you about programming. Programming is not only about making programs and amazing people but also about our life style. Programmers are getting higher salary than any other job holders. If you don’t believe me, then see the top 25 highest paid companies list. This salary list is only for their programming engineers.


Source: Glassdoor

(This chart is of 2013. I will add chart of 2014 at the end of this year when it will publish)


According to my point of view this is the best site to learn programming online as it contains tutorials on every single part of each programming language. This site has tutorials on computer programming as well as web programming. So, let’s start learning programming language online.


This is another high quality site to learn programming online. You need to join (sign up) the site in order to start your free programming course here. Codeacademy basically contains tutorials on web programming such as HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, Java Script etc. Moreover, Codeacademy will provide you a percentage score of your programming skill.


Codeschool is quite similar to Codeacademy in topic of tutorials but it differs from previous two sites as it has video tutorials. Besides, it contains tutorials on iOS programming. Perhaps this site is a good answer to your question “how to learn programming?”.

4. has designed their courses for the people of all ages. This site provides the basic concept of programming through block joining program as well as advanced courses for the skilled people. Small children can learn programming very easily from


This is another coding tutorial site that has vast tutorials on Python, Ruby, C, SQL and Regex. They have their own blog from where you can get more opportunities.


Formerly Teemtreehouse was known as It’s a reputed Web programming tutorial site where you can get premium support also. You need to pay money for premium tutorials but still you can avail free trail training courses on HTML, CSS and iPhone app development.


Udacity is a course based site to learn programming online. It’s course length is from 1 month to 6 month. Besides, it has skill based courses also for the beginners as well for the advanced people. You can learn both software programming and web programming with udacity.


Learnstreet is a perfect place for learning Java Script, Ruby and Python. This site will show you how you can learn programming very easily. This site is also course based as Udacity. In addition, Learnstreet has 100s of online projects to ensure your professional programming skill.


If you want to learn the most updated programming skill then TheCodePlayer is heaven for you. It’s a video tutorial based site to learn HTML5, CSS3, Java Script and other programming languages.


First of all I will request to notice the name of this site. It is not “programmer”, it is “programmr”. This name is quite surprising to me, hope you also surprised by the name. I don’t know it’s a mistake or something exceptional. Ok let’s forget the name and come to the point. Programmr is a total solution of learning programming online because it contains tutorials for maximum languages. You can learn from C++ to PhoneGap all kinds of programing languages here. Besides it has a lot of courses, exercises and projects to make you a perfect programmer. Moreover, you can take part in contest and win. Most amazing feature of Programmr is you can challenge you friends in programming. So, let’s start the run now.


Stackoverflow is totally different from all above sites. This site will not provide you sequential programming tutorials. You need to ask for help here. Perhaps you are thinking this site will be worst as one need to seek for help. But after obtaining some programming skill Stackoverflow will be your best friend. Basically, it’s a community of programmer, by the programmer and for the programmer. So, be a part of it and feel proud.


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