Tests4Geeks Review – Are those developers right for your company?

Technology is a medium of life nowadays for the reason that many individuals find themselves missing without items like their computers, PDAs and gadgets. Cell phones, speedometer, and embedded systems – all of them need programming. As a result, it is not surprising at all that the job post of a computer engineer or programmer is not only necessary but also available. A brilliant IT or tech company needs brilliant programmers.

Coding skills are becoming more important than ever and it is rapidly turning into the core proficiency and capability for all types of 21st Century employees. That unavoidable fact is showing the way to individuals to look for new methods of learning coding. On the other hand, established companies, startups and non-profits are seeking for new talents like coders in order to get some assistance to develop new strategies, devices, gadgets, software, modules and the rest. Coders are famous for their innovative line of attacks. This is why a business is greatly dependent on programmers.


Recently I had an opportunity to learn about a website named Tests4Geeks. I really did not have any idea of such a website which includes the best tests for hiring coders. This service is especially for individuals who are working as team leads, HR managers and recruiters as they have to interview a lot of programmers and choose the very best from them. People who even have a tiny bit of idea about hiring must understand the difficulties while interviewing for skilled individuals. No one is interested in wasting his/her valuable time for someone who is not capable of doing the tasks that will be assigned to him while working for their company. With the help of Tests4Geeks, you can shortlist your candidates and then sit for an interview. This can be a game changer for your business as you will be receiving a bunch of awesome pre-chosen shortlisted candidates who have been tested already.

In addition, programmers can also join in for the reason that there are thousands of chances to show off their skill and test themselves here! After testing yourself as a programmer, you can get a report and then attach it with your resume. It will certainly enhance your chances of being selected in an interview. Online testing has never been this easier! You can choose any test among the hundreds such as PHP, HTML, .net, JavaScript, Python, Databases, Java, and iOS. They also contain subcategories like ‘PHP & MySQL’, ‘PHP & JavaScript’, ‘PHP & MySQL & JavaScript’, ‘PHP & HTML/CSS & JS’, ‘HTML & CSS & JavaScript’,’ HTML & CSS’ ,’ SEO’ and so on.

This online test site will be adding Android, Ruby, and C in the upcoming days. If you want to claim any other test, just let them know using their ‘contact’ section. The maximum score in a test is 100. The higher your score is, the better programmer you are. Now, come to the point, why should you trust Tests4Geeks?

Tests4Geeks is useful and popular for two main reasons and they are:

  1. It ensures quality. The creators tried their heart and soul to create a list of standard questions. Plus, they also generated a lot of deep questions so that you can really justify the coders.
  2. The next thing is quantity. Each of the tests has at least 20 questions. Some tests take account of more questions. For example, “PHP & MySQL & JavaScript” takes in 60 questions.

How the process works?

So if you are going to hire a programmer, at first send him/her a link to a programming test which can be found in this website. When the job candidate finishes the test, you will receive an automated report via email. If you are not satisfied with his/her result, then yes! You have just saved your valuable time! And if the result is satisfactory, then you have earned an important asset for your future!

The website does not offer you a live interview. But the best part of using it is you can save a great amount of time as you can easily avoid inefficient programmers. If you are a recruiter, I am sure you already have some experience regarding having bad days like wasting your essential time for inexperienced and amateur programmers. So if you want to get rid of these horrible experiences, you can register here in this website and then check out the best programmers simply by taking tests.

The website can be utilized in order to boost your company branding. You can use your own logo and domain name while taking a test. Tests4Geeks is not mentioned anywhere in this feature. But the feature is only obtainable for unlimited plans. The plans are available for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

So what are you waiting for? Join now and get the most out of it!


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