Shortest Way to Rank Higher in Google and Beat Competitors

Do you know that site which is ranking in 1st position gets 1400% more visitors than the site which is ranking in 10th position of Google?

It is a clear indication that ranking in 1st page and ranking in 1st position is not same. This case will be clearer to you after looking at below chart.

Rank higher in Google - top 10 CTR

Hope you have realized the importance of being in 1st position of Google search result page. Besides if your site gets high CTR (Click Through Rate), it will stay for long time in 1st position (If it’s not in 1st position then just wait and watch the magic of CTR 😛 ).

Now let’s get introduced with the shortest way that will help your site to rank higher in Google search engine result. This trick is basically stealing your competitors traffic and beating them in the field of online battle.

Below sentence will give you a clear idea about what you are going to learn.

If you can steal your competitor’s backlinks, you will automatically get their traffic, ranking, link value, sales, leads etc whatever your competitors are having right now

Remember it doesn’t mean your competitors are going to lose their backlinks, it means you are going to have valuable backlinks from the same source from where your competitors are having. If you get backlinks from the same source as your competitor’s, Google will think there is relation between your site and your competitor’s. Thus Google will boost ranking for the keywords for which your competitors are already ranking higher. You may think that your site and your competitor’s site is getting same backlinks, so what is the guarantee that your site will rank higher in Google instead of your competitor’s. Although the backlinks will be same, there will be some difference that you can make to out-stand your site and content from your competitors.

  • You content should be more detail than your competitor’s.
  • You content will be more updated or recent content (Google loves latest content).
  • Do some inbound link building.
  • Do more social shares than your competitors (You can use

So the summary is:

Competitor’s backlinks + Your unique content = Rank higher in Google

Wait wait ………………… You got the secret formula of ranking, you can make your unique content by yourself but how can you get all the backlinks of your competitors?

Yah! You are now at the most important part of this article where you will learn how to steal your competitor’s backlinks. There are handsome amount of online backlink checker tools which will allow you to see the backlink sources of a particular website or blog. However, most of the tools don’t work perfectly. Therefore I have listed here 3 best backlink checker tools that will help you to find out backlink sources of your competitors.

#1 SEO Profiler

SEO profiler pic - Rank higher in Google by

This is not only a backlink checker tool but a complete SEO solution tool that gives excellent all-in-one SEO service including site audit, keyword tracking, backlink finding, link analysis etc. I really love this amazing tool, mostly its backlink strength indicator option. As a free member you can extract about 1,000 backlink sources of a website or blog. If you pay some bucks you can reveal all the backlink sources of your competitor’s. I highly recommend you to try its $1 Trail of Paid membership for a month. I am sure, you will also fall in love with this tool.

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#2 Small SEO Tools

SmallSEOTools pic - Rank higher in Google by

It’s a well-known and free combined tool kit for SEO solution. It’s backlink checker tool is enough powerful to discover huge amount of backlink sources of your competitor’s. Although it’s loading speed is slow, it can provide you huge list of backlink sources for free so that you can beat your competitors and rank higher in Google.

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#3 Ahrefs

Ahrefs pic - Rank higer in Google by

This is another popular baklink tracking tool that has both free and paid version. This tool is really powerful and will show you detail information about backlinks such as TLD, No follow or Dofollow, Anchor text, Country distribution etc. You will really enjoy it’s Paid membership but free membership will allow you to discover only 5 backlink sources.

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That was all about stealing your competitor’s backlinks, ranking value and traffic which will ultimately rank your site higher in Google. Isn’t it an amazing way to beat your competitors?

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