13 Secure Payment Services of 2018 that are Trusted by Experts!!!


Willing to send and receive money from anywhere in the world within seconds? Then, you have landed on the right page to get the reliable guidance for your international money transaction. This article will take you through world’s most secure payment services that are trusted and recommended by the industry experts.

No matter if you are doing international export-import business, sending or receiving money from family member, working online as a freelancer, doing online business etc. you must need a reliable payment gateway to get your hard earned money in your hand.

I saw a lot of people (mostly freelancers) who got stuck at the stage of getting money, they worked so hard and completed the project but at the end they faced tremendous problem while having their payment. Even some of them, paid almost 40-50% as fee just to get their money. Even, I suffered from having no secure payment service at the beginning of my online career. Surely, I don’t want you to have the same trouble that many of use faced.

Go through these carefully picked, list of most secure payment services that will make your transaction related works pretty easier and faster. You are just one step behind from getting money from anywhere in the world with a press of button.

List of best secure payment services

1. Payoneer

Payoneer is by far the best secure payment service due to having integration with dedicated MasterCard which can be used anywhere in the world. Apart from that, you will be having a virtual bank account that accepts 5 different currencies and can use bank wire transfer for money transaction. However, customer service of Payoneer has room to improve.

Availability: 200+ Countries

Fee: $29.95 per year

2. PayPal

Paypal is the oldest and one of the most popular secure payment services that was given birth by Elon Musk who is know as the real life IRON MAN! Best part of Paypal is, transfer of money is pretty faster but high transaction fee is a pain in the ass for some people. However, in USA transactions among family members are totally free of cost.

Availability: 200+ Countries

Fee: 2-5% per transaction

3. Visa

VISA is the most used payment card in the world. It can't operate independently, as it needs to be issued by a financial organization such as Bank or Payment gateway. VISA card can be both credit and debit based on which one you issue and it can be both National and International. In order to make Int. transactions your VISA card must support duel currency (or at least USD).

Availability: All Countries

Fee: based on issue 

4. MasterCard

MasterCard can be called the twin of VISA card as there is no real difference between them except the name itself. You can do transaction from any ATM booth in the world with your MasterCard, as MasterCards er usually issued for International use. Still you need a Bank or Payment gateway to have your own MasterCard. As you already know Payoneer is integrated with MasterCard, you can sign up for a Payonner account to have one.

Availability: All Countries

Fee: based on issue

5. Skrill

It was the most popular payment service in the beginning of Freelancing industry but for strong competitors it has lost its dominant  position. However, still many rare marketplace including the popular one use Skrill for secure transactions. You can directly withdraw your money via local bank using this payment service. You can also use it to buy crypto currency as most of the sellers accept Skrill payment.

Availability: 200+ Countries

Fee: 1.9% per transaction

6. Neteller

If you want to enjoy the power of MasterCard without even having any physical card then Neteller is for you. It works as the virtual MasterCard and pretty popular in Forex and Binary trading industry. You can easily send and receive money from other Master and VISA cards via Neteller. Having you own real plastic card is possible but you have to spent some bucks for that.

Availability: All Countries

Fee: 3.5% per transaction

7. AliPay

It's logo says everything; no matter where are you living you are daily using products made by the largest economy, China. AliPay can be considered the doorway to do any type of transaction from or with someone who lives in China. This is owned by Alibaba Group, world's largest online retailer. Although, AliPay has over 500 million users but not widely accepted by international companies due to china focused transactions.

Availability: 110+ Countries

Fee: 2.2-3% per transaction

8. BitCoin

I am not kidding, you read me right. Bitcoin is the highest value currency right now in the world having a market cap of 70 BIllion and growing. Now a days, Bitcoin is widely accepted all around the world and even it's being used in some country's retail industry. However, to store and spent your Bitcoins you need to use a reliable wallet such as Ledger Wallet (Physical) or Exodus (Virtual).

Availability: All Countries

Fee: $0 (yah it's true)

9. Payza

Payza is a die-hard fighting competitor of Payoneer and Paypal but still struggling to get enough attraction from the industries. However, it's pretty secured and can be used to send and receive money from your local bank. Best part is, you can exchange your money with Bitcoin using Payza and it's definitely pretty fun to do so.

Availability: 100+ Countries

Fee: 3.5% per transaction

10. Discover

Discover is a widely used payment service in USA and Europe. Today, this payment service is accepted in almost all the shopping sites and retailers in westerns countries. However, it has little to no use in other parts of the world. It can also be used for getting credit card, loan, mortgage etc. in US.

Availability: US and Europe

Fee: 2.7-3% per transaction

11. American Express

It's name says it all, American Express works as a Bank for US people and issues several types of personal and business cards including prepaid card. This service is widely used in US stores and organizations, having special service of business purpose it gained immense popularity among the industries.

Availability: USA

Fee: 2-3.5% per transaction

12. PayTM

PayTM became the HOTCAKE of India right after Prime minister Modi banned Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes to stop black money. However, right now PayTM is India's largest payment service which can be used to pay almost all the bills you can ever imagine as well as doing shopping both online eCommerce sites and retail stores.

Availability: India

Fee: 1.99% per transaction

13. XOOM

XOOM is the new born little sister of Paypal which is used to make transactions from and to Paypal. Since, Paypal is not serving most of the developing countries, XOOM is the alternate of that. It can just make the transaction of Paypal but can't store money.

Availability: 200+ Countries

Fee: $4.99 per transaction

To conclude the AWESOME list of secure payment services, I must say which one you should choose totally depends on where you are living and what's the purpose of your online transaction. Being a blogger and online marketer I do use mainly Payoneer and Paypal to make my transactions.

If you are stuck which one to choose, then here is the simple solution, sign up for Payoneer and Paypal because these can be used from anywhere in the world. 

If you have anything interesting to share about your experience regarding online payments then I am eager to know that.

Still have any question? make sure to ask me via comment section.


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