R.A.P – The Core of Link Building (infographic included)

Backlinks are like blood cells for any website or blog as they are the only key to achieve high page rank and high page authority. Almost all bloggers and website owners are familiar with this fact and they try to build as much backlinks as they can. They go through various kinds of link building strategies and tactics. However, a small of people get the desired progress and rest of the people go into the black hole (……….lol). What do you think what is the main reason? Along with that what is the solution? The reason is viral or random link building and the solution is R.A.P. Wait wait this is not the rap that is related to Eminem. This R.A.P represents Relevancy, Authority and Page rank which are the core of high quality link building. Let’s have a little idea about these 3 important terms of high quality link building.

1. Relevancy: Backlinks from the relevant sources is the first condition of high quality backlinks. Never ever build random backlinks for your site which are not from relevant sources. Irrelevant backlinks are one of the main reason of Google penalization. Although in some cases it’s very hard and time consuming to find out relevant site for link building, you need to keep in mind that relevant sites are your treasure boxes. So find them and fill your box with valuable treasures (backlinks).

2. Authority: Page authority is the most important and effective ranking factor of Google SERP. Page with high authority can rank easily in short time. So you must run after page authority. Building backlinks from high page authority pages is the central key to boost your page authority as well as domain authority. Therefore, before building backlinks have a look of page authority of that specific page or source.

3. Page Rank: Page rank is a blessing from Google which has deep impact on search result ranking. It’s neither so easy to get high page rank nor so hard. Because in some cases a little number of backlinks from high PR sites can flow page rank to your site, on the other hand thousands of backlinks from low quality sites can only enhance backlinks number not page rank. However, you have no control over page rank as it depends on Google’s update. Backlinks from high page ranked page are more valuable than the ordinary backlinks. Moreover, it will definitely flow page rank juice to your site.

These are some words about main 3 terms of building high quality backlinks. You can also have look of this link building infographic which is based on this little blog post.

Link building infographicAs you know this is not a detail article on link  building. It’s a little try to reveal the main theme of high quality link building. Therefore you may have lots of questions in your mind regarding this topic. Please feel free to ask your questions and give your suggestions via comment box.



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