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A VPN, that is – a Virtual Private Network, is simply a personal network across an open network like Internet. A VPN can be created by virtual tunneling protocols, dedicated connections or traffic encryption. There are thousands of benefits of using a VPN. The security, management, and functionality make VPN stand out. You can also use a VPN to cover up your online identity and to get access into blocked websites. These days, it is quite important to safeguard your privacy. As a result, a VPN service can save you from all the unwanted privacy and precaution issues. But, of course, you have to figure out which one you are going to use. To choose one, you must ensure qualities like price, consistency, speed, support, and most importantly, anonymity.

Today I am going to refer you Kepard which is one of the best VPN service for its awesome assistance and benefits. First of all, let’s hear out the offered features of Kepard.


Kepard is available at various countries like US, UK, Germany, Spain, and so on. It supports L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN. They assure you 24-7 customer support. The speed is absolutely amazing, which is certainly a crucial factor. It also provides their customers with unlimited traffic and the tool is also quite handy. Their loyal customers enjoy gigantic discounts. Present and new customers can have the benefit of thrilling rewards and promotion. The most advantageous feature is the unlimited swathes between IP’s and countries! Watch movies and TV shows anytime you want! Yes, using Kepard, you can get the most out of technologies like torrents and VoIP as well. NAT Firewall, 256 Bit Encryption, P2P allowance – get all of them here.

Kepard supports a good number of distinctive authentication and encryption methods, hold up virtually every mobile and desktop operating systems. In addition, their pricing is not bad at all either. Kepard offers both free and paid subscriptions. If you are not sure about their service, you can test the free trial version.

Now you do not have to worry about data hack anymore because Kepard has the ability to prevent it in a swift manner.  High level encryption has been made obtainable by the service.

Kepard can connect and disconnect your VPN connection with just a click. It can easily change VPN protocols and server locations. VPN configuration settings are really trouble-free. Auto detection of a gone VPN connection is presented by Kepard all the time. Get automatic updates of the newest Kepard server locations and keep up to date.


Can you try Kepard before you actually buy it?

Yes, of course! Kepard gives you a one day free access after being registered to the program. Once you are logged in intp Kepard Windows or Android application, you can get a free access of 180 days of Free Premium VPN service offered by Kepard. You have to do a little task in order to get this awesome offer, and that is – invite your friends. Kepard will award you with 30 days of premium VPN for each of your invitations. You can send 6 invitations in total. In this way, you can test the service of Kepard, and there are no risks involved.

If you cannot access the sites that are needed to use at work or for your academic purpose, you may try out Kepard. You can additionally check out various contents from local constrained websites.

Kepard also allows you a multiple computer use. But yes, it is limited to 2 connections, definitely not more than that. And about logs, with the purpose of protecting the business of Kepard, the logs are only kept for 3 days. They only keep one private data of yours, and that is the email id you registered with.

Kepard does not log data about your session or connection details. They never distinguish against IP addresses or protocols. In addition, they do not host any data about their user activities by any means.

Kepard earned high admiration for its terrific speed while being connected to the network. What Kepard does is fairly impressive. They promise their customers that they can happily enjoy live streaming even if they are connected to annoying content blocks.


So, how Kepard works?

The data leaving your computer through your ISP gets to the server of Kepard. Then they connect you to the internet. After that, each data leaving your computer is encrypted. See, the process is really that simple!

Kepard proudly offers precise types of servers for numerous actions and activities. It helps you to join torrent friendly services so that you can download anything you want right now. Into the bargain, encryption and anonymity friendly servers are also available if you want more security. Kepard is one of those few VPN service suppliers who take DNS leaking very sincerely.

What are you waiting for? Go, try Kepard now!


You are most welcome to share you experience about Kepard if you have used this VPN service before or just try it now and speak your mind about Kepard via comment section.


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