GetResponse vs iContact – Check Out the Best Email Marketing Platform

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“Money is in the List ……………”

I heard this sentence from almost all the top online earners including Vick Strizheus, John Chow, Jeremy Schoemaker and so on. Therefore, if you are not building your Email list it means you are keeping money on the table for someone else. However, I have not started collecting Emails for my Techmasi blog but I am collecting Emails for some of my others projects which helped me to build a powerful weapon to reach my audience instantly. Right now I am on the way to develop the whole system to collect Emails from this blog.

Today I will pass X-Ray (hypothetically) through two leading Email marketing platforms and show you which one is the best as well as reveal my Email marketing tool that I use personally for my projects. Our today’s competitors are GetResponse and iContact. Let’s see who wins the X-Ray competition.


GetResponse vs iContact – Outlook and front interface


These are the scenarios that you will see just after visiting websites of these Email marketing platforms. GetResponse has a friendly welcome interface which shows its number of consumers, number of operated countries, amount of subscribers and some links to their features. There is also a video which shows how easy it is to get started with GetResponse. By scrolling down you can find some testimonials, featured on, offer for free trial and some other video tutorials in the front page of GetResponse. On the other hand, iContact has a very professional welcome interface where a sales person is dealing with his female client. By scrolling down you will find features, awards, video testimonial, offer for free trial etc on the front interface of iContact.


GetResponse vs iContact – Try both Email marketing platforms from Free!


Before jumping into the price, let’s have a look of free trail plans of both GetResponse and iContact Email service. Here is the chart to make the comparison easy for you.

Element of Plan GetResponse iContact
Time period 30 days 30 days
Subscribers 250 100
Number of Emails Unlimited 400
Email sending option Enabled Need to contact
Access to Form Yes Yes
Access to Landing page Yes N/A
Support Phone/Live chat/Email Phone/Live chat/Email
Take Action Now>>> >>> Free Signup <<< >>> Free Signup <<<


GetResponse vs iContact – Choose the best one that suits your budget


Pricing of different premium plans starts at $15/month in case of GetResponse. On the other hand, iContact has a starting price of $14/month which is $1 less than GetResponse. Does is mean iContact is cheaper than GetResponse? No, not yet. GetResponse charges $15/month for 1,000 active subscribers where else iContact charges $14/month for only 500 subscribers. So, the conclusion of pricing is iContact is almost double expensive than GetResponse.


GetResponse vs iContact – Let’s check out Internal Interface


Internal interface of GetResponse is pretty colorful and attractive. It has all the options above the fold which is easy to use. Just below the fold it has showcase for each campaign as well as report of last campaign. iContact also has all the options above the fold along with total number of subscribers and number of sent Emails which is quite good but lacks attractiveness. It also has all social media integrations in this page which is its unique feature.


GetResponse vs iContact – Basic setup and Email importing


Basic setup is quite easy in both Email marketing tools. In GetResponse just click the big blue button to add your contacts or go to Contacts > Add Contacts. You can either add one by one or upload the whole list as CSV, TXT, VCF, XLS, XLSX or ODS file which will save your time. Moreover, you can directly import contacts from Google docs, Salesforce, Zendesk, Google contacts, Magento etc. to GetResponse. To add contact in iContact you need to go Contacts tab then click on Add Contacts button in sub-tab. iContact also has the similar contact adding process but doesn’t support direct importing from other sources like GetResponse.


GetResponse vs iContact – Overview of Web forms


From my point of view web forms are the zest of any Email marketing service because this is the main way to collect Emails in order to build online empire. Recently GetResponse has introduced its new web form building tool which is truly amazing. Big red button of internal interface will lead you to web form building section. There are 500+ pre-made web forms which can be customized very easily according to your desire. It also supports various list builder apps and plugins along with custom HTML web forms. On the other hand, iContact provides only custom HTML and Facebook web forms to collect Emails.


GetResponse vs iContact – Inside Auto responder


Auto responder is must for series Email marketing which is the most important part of any Email marketing campaign. Either you are Authority blogger or affiliate product seller, except auto responder you are keeping most of your money on the table. Both GetResponse and iContact has auto responder service and hundreds of pre-made templates which can be easily modified and used to setup auto responder system.


GetResponse vs iContact – What about landing pages?


Landing page is the doorway of making money via affiliate product sales. So, there is no point of ignoring this essential part of Email marketing. There are lots of premium landing page providers such as Instapage, Leadpages, Thrive landing page and so on. You need to pay $25+ each month to use these premium and highly converting landing pages. However, you will be lucky if you choose to use GetResponse as it has hundreds of landing pages which can be used as the alternate of those premium landing page service. It’s very sad to say that iContact has no custom landing page service. Therefore, if you choose iContact you need to use those premium landing page builders or go with some free tools and plugins that are available in the market.


GetResponse vs iContact – Customer support service


I am pleased with the customer support of GetResponse as it gives reply rapidly during live chat. I contacted them several times for asking questions and every time I got the solution without wasting my time. Need to say that I used only its live chat support (24×7) with is enough to get instant help from GetResponse team. On the other hand, iContact also provides live chat and Email support but not 24×7. You can see its live chat period in the above image.


GetResponse vs iContact – Statistic and Report Interface


Tracking inbox rate, open rate, click rate, number of unsubscribes etc. is the most important task right after sending Emails (Broadcast). Both GetResponse and iContact present nice graphical report with detail statistic which will help you to track your Email marketing success.


Why you should prefer GetResponse over iContact?

  • GetResponse is cheaper than iContact
  • It has its own landing pages which will save your money.
  • GetResponse provides free online serial courses to teach you collecting Emails like pros.
  • Get 24×7 instant help via live chat.
  • Perfect timing – This option will increase your open rate by sending Emails in the perfect time to your subscribers.
  • Provide apps and plugins to enhance your Email marketing experience.



Why you should prefer iContact over GetResponse?

  • iContact has social integration service to use your social profiles for marketing.
  • Highly detailed Email campaign report with easy to understand graphics.



Which Email marketing tool do I use?

If you closely looked into those pictures, you already got the answer. Yah! It’s GetResonse that I use for my Email campaigns. Currently I am using $25/monthly plan for my niche site projects and till now I am quite happy with the service of GetResponse.


Final words

I did my job by passing X-Ray through GetResponse and iContact, now it’s your time to grab the best Email marketing platform based on the given X-Ray result and your conscience. I tried my best to present this comparison being unbiased. Let me know your thought or experience of using these Email marketing tools.

By the way, Which Email marketing tool you are using right now (if any)?


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