Get Instant approval in Any CPA Network (Exclusive Secret)


Do you have approved account in any CPA network? If yes, then congrats you have successfully unlocked your first achievement on the way to CPA marketing. On the other hand, if you don’t then this article will take you to the step by step method of CPA networks instant approval strategy. Before that, make sure that you gone through my first CPA related article of this series which is:

Ultimate Income Hack: CPA Marketing for Beginners [Full Detail]

Now let’s come to the point, most of the newbies face first problem with getting approval in top CPA networks. So, here is my recommendation for this problem; If you are totally newbie in the world of CPA network then don’t apply for world’s top leading CPA networks such as MaxBounty, Peerfly and Neverblue because these networks will approve your account after the interview that they will conduct via mobile call. Besides, these networks require your previous experience and have very hard and fast rules about offer promotion.

So, what should you do? It’s better to start with a newbie friendly CPA network in the starting point. How much you can make with these newbie friendly CPA networks? It totally depends on your skill and experience of offer promotion. Some expert CPA marketers are making $3,000+ per day with these newbie friendly CPA affiliate networks.

Here are some newbie friendly and reliable CPA networks to get instant approval. I need to say that don’t sit with just one CPA network. Get your account approved to at least 3 CPA networks so that you can compare the quality of offers, CPA rate, conversion rate etc. which will help you in the long run. Here goes the list for you:

  1. AdWorkMedia
  2. CPALead
  3. AdGateMedia
  4. CPAGrip
  5. AdscendMedia
  6. Convert2Media
  7. A4D
  8. CPAbeyond
  9. CPAtrend
  10. ClickDealer
  11. CrakRevenue
  12. EnvyusMedia

Firstly apply in 2-3 CPA networks for publishers/affiliate account and gain some experience of working in the CPA industry. Then you may start with leading CPA affiliate networks for higher achievement.


Here goes the step by step process to apply in CPA networks (both newbie friendly and top leading) and to get fast approved:

Let’s start with AdWorkMedia and CPALead which are really good to start with. Below you can see the screenshot of sign up form. In almost all CPA networks you need to provide almost same kind of information while applying for a publisher/affiliate account.


Note: Most of the CPA networks require your own established website or blog via which you are will to promote CPA offers. However, you can also promote with other site and medias. May be some of you stuck at this pint only because you don’t have any established website. Don’t worry my friend, CPALead doesn’t require any website 😀 . So get started with it. If you have a good website then you are highly recommended to apply for AdworkMedia as well.

Step 1:

Go to the sign up page of AdWorkMedia and CPALead and fill up your name and other personal information. I recommend you to provide your webmail (for example: if possible because it will increase the chance to get approved. If you don’t have any, then proceed with your regular Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Email.

Step 2:

Filling up the promotional method part of sign up form is very important to get approved. Here are some quick tips to fill up this part:

  • Choose either website or PPC as the promotional method. If you can, choose both of them (if the option is available).
  • Don’t try to lie by providing other’s website as your promotion source, you may caught.
  • Always choose “Incentive” as the type of traffic.
  • You can add these promotional methods in the description: PPC campaigns, Facebook ads, Promotion via content, Promotion via SEO and Promotion via Display networks.

Step 3: (Only for top CPA networks)

After pressing the “Submit Application” button you are done for the newbie friendly CPA networks but not for the top networks who approve account after mobile phone interview. Just after applying for an account they will Email you by telling that after reviewing your application they will send you confirmation mail. In case of top CPA network don’t just keep sitting on you chair idly. You need to contact with your affiliate manager as soon as possible (you will get information about your affiliate manager in the first Email after submitting the application). Here are the best ways to contact with your affiliate manager:

  • Firstly, try to make a phone call from your mobile.
  • If that’s not possible, then buy some Skype credit make a phone call to your affiliate manager’s mobile number.
  • If you can’t do that as well, either send an Email or send Skype message saying that you just applied for a publisher account and you are ready for the phone interview.

This simple approach will give a positive impression about you in front of your affiliate manager. Besides, it shows that you are highly interested and very serious about this publisher account which is a positive sign to get fast approval.


Make it easy for your friends to get approved by tweeting it.

It’s time to take action:

I am sure that you have acquired enough knowledge for applying in CPA networks in a strategic way so that you get instant approval. Now it’s your turn to take action. Apply for at least two above mentioned CPA networks for now and wait for my next article of this CPA series. I hope to bring some amazing offer promotional method in my next post. It would be great if you subscribe (you will also get a free E-Book) to my blog in order to get all latest published articles directly into your inbox.

I highly expect you to read my next blog post and to speak your mind via comment section. I will be glad to answer your each and every question.

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