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No business can survive without the customers or clients whatever it fits based on the type of business. Same rule applies for a web based business like eCommerce store or online service seller. Every single lead or customers begins with being a visitor of that particular website. Hence you canโ€™t ignore the importance of having massive website traffic if you are on to this type of business. Like every other business there is a growth period and buying website traffic is one of the ways to boost up your web based business at the initial stage of growth. Let me introduce you with some kick ass sources that are immensely result focused when you are stepping up to buy website traffic for your online business.

There are millions of traffic sources and several reasons to tap into paid traffic based on the end result you are willing to get. There are some popular (and expensive) traffic sources like Google Adword, Facebook Ads, Bing ads, Adsense display ads and so more, but those ads are mainly for driving instant conversion or engagement. However, something your business may need long term online based reputation benchmarks such as Alexa Rank, Similarweb Rank, Moz Rank, Domain Rating, WOT Rank etc. Due to the different nature and way of aggregating data you have to follow different methods to rank well on almost all the benchmarks. Today's article is about how you can buy website traffic at cheap price and use those to get ranked on several web based benchmarks.

Reasons to buy Website Traffic:

As I already mentioned above there are different reasons to buy website traffic for your business site or blog which will ultimately help to get ranked. However, in this section let's discuss little bit in depth about the core benefits that you are going to enjoy due to purchasing web traffic from tool based visitor sellers:

1. Trust and Authority:
These are the most reliable yardstick to measure the success of any business no matter in which industry your business is operating. Due to having good online benchmarks your business will gain trust and authority in the eyes of both your visitors and partners.

2. Get FREE backlinks:
May be most of you don't know that there are thousands of data aggregators which always keep collecting data from different trusted sources and create more online contents for the users. Majority of the tools have collection of top ranked or listed sites and hence it's your golden opportunity to earn backlinks without even any hard outreach or spending money.

3. Test your server: 
Downtime refers to death in case of any online based business. Sometime you are not sure about the power and capacity of the server where you site is hosted. Generating massive traffic is the best way to test the actual capacity of your server before it occurs any loss to you.

4. Extra revenue:
These web traffic can be from both targeted country or worldwide, however you always do have scope of earning from the traffic by showing ads. In case you are using Google's Adsense or any other sophisticated ad network I recommend you not run tool based website traffic as those networks do have different policies.

5. Outrank competitors:
When it comes to online business traffic is the most common way to measure the competition and when you do have unlimited Geo targeted or worldwide traffic you can definitely outrank your competitors.

So, you got to know the exclusive reasons of buying boat lots of traffic for instant growth of your online business. Here goes the best places to buy web traffic at very affordable price.

#1. (Sign up for Free Now)

Buy Website Traffic from HitLeap

When it comes to buy website traffic at very affordable rate but of high quality then HitLeap is the first name that pierce my mind just like bullet as it has almost no competition at where it stands today. You can buy almost all type of traffic from this single tool at lightening speed and get the result almost instantly. Typical web traffic sellers mostly supports GEO based targeted traffic, however HitLeap will offer you sources based targeted traffic to buy such as visitors from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and even Google.

Buy Website Traffic from HitLeap (Dashboard)

The insider dashboard of this tool is pretty clean, simple and easy to use. You can go for any type of function just by using the tabs that's designed based on separate operations. Here are the simple and easy steps you need to follow in case you are willing to drive targeted website traffic to your sites and blogs:

Step #1. Visit HitLeap and sign up for an account

Step #2. Verify your Email address and log into the dashboard

Step #3. Go to "Buy Traffic" tab and get some hits which starts at only $7 

Step #4. Now submit your site's URL from the "My Websites" tab

Step $5. Although you are done but to get more advantage you can upgrade your account or buy more website slots. 

#2. (Sign up for free Now)

Buy Website Traffic from MaxVisits

MaxVisits can be considered as the Ninja when it comes to driving traffic to your website from different types of sources on demand. As far as I know, you can hardly find any web traffic merchant who is able to generate visitors from expired domains. This is totally mind blowing feature of this network, apart from these you can also buy targeted traffic from mobile device, pop under, Alexa tool bar and so on. 

Buy Website Traffic from MaxVisits (Dashboard)

Insider dashboard of MaxVisits is pretty easy to understated due to having ordered tab for each type of task. In order to tap into this amazing traffic source you just need to follow these simple task:

Step #1. Visit MaxVisits, click "Order Now" and select the type of traffic that you want.

Step #2. Then select the volume of traffic you wish to buy and put other necessary information like delivery speed, your site's URL, industry or country etc.

Step #3. Finally click on "Checkout" and fill up the form to get registered and drive instant traffic to your website.

#3. (Sign up for free Now)

Buy Website Traffic from TrafficBot

It's name says a lot about it, will mostly send script generated traffic to your site. Although it don't have any extra eye catching advantage like HitLeap or MaxVisits but it's pretty fast at generating traffic. However, if you are running any UK based or UK focused online business then it can be an ideal solution for you to generate instant traffic to your sites. Moreover, this traffic network supports API integration for automation and 3rd party tool interaction.

Buy Website Traffic from TrafficBot (Dashboard)

Although the first login into your dashboard of TrafficBot may seem little bit confusing due to stats at the left side and having no specific instructions to pursue. However, it's has an advantage, which is you can have a bird eye view of all your stats. Just try out these simple steps to tap into this UK based traffic generator:

Step #1. Visit and click on the yellow button that says "Start Free Trial" to taste the power of traffic for free.

Step #2. Then put your Email, website's URL and most importantly targeted country to kick of with instant visitors. 

Step #3. You are done! Now you can simply monitor the stat by logging into your dashboard.

Things to Keep in Mind while buying Website Traffic:

There are certain things you must keep in mind while buying bulk traffic from any source which may or may not effect your business. In order to stay on the safe side you must ensure solution for unwanted situation or get prepared to avoid those.

1. Server capacity:
It feels great to have massive amount of traffic on demand but if your server is not enough powerful it may go down and hence you will loss rest of the traffic till you site become live. So, make sure you have powerful server to handle massive traffic.

2. Actual purpose:
Sometimes you may have pretty specific purpose of buying visitors such as improving your Alexa rank. In such case, please do make sure you are buying the right traffic plan that will show your actual result. Don't go for mobile traffic and expect to get your Alexa rank improved.

3. Avoid getting banned:
Although this term is not applicable for all but in case you are using sophisticated ad networks (like Adsense) or tool that do not allow buying such traffic make sure you are on the safe side.


At the end, there is nothing much to say about these amazing traffic sources that are serving millions of traffic every single day. be a part of these networks and BOOM! your website with traffic to get improved web based benchmarks and outrank your competitors.

In case I made any mistake within this article please let me know and I would love to hear your story regarding generating traffic from such sources.   


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