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Alexa rank is very important for every online based business blog or website because it reflects a sign of popularity and trust to it’s viewers. Lower Alexa rank means better impression which increases the reputation of a particular website or blog. In this article you will be leaded to A-Z information and instruction about improving your site’s Alexa rank within less period of time. Best way to get amazing result in short time is to buy Alexa traffic. However, most of the Alexa traffic provider demands high price for their service as it’s much more valuable in online platform. But here I will reveal the secret to buy cheap Alexa traffic which is much effective and affordable.

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Here are the questions which will be answered in this article:

What is Alexa Rank?

Is Alexa Rank important? If so, how does it help online sites?

What are the factors to improve Alexa Rank?

What is the secret way to boost Alexa Rank within short span of time?

Some more questions ………………………..


What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is the largest website analytic tool that is powered by Amazon. This popular and well known tool gives a unique rank to every site it is tracking. The rank can be 1,749 or 38,742,073, but the low numbered rank indicates better reputation than the high numbered rank. For example: Google is world’s no.1 site as it assumes Alexa rank 1, Twitter is worlds 9th best site as it assumes Alexa rank 9. In short, Alexa rank can be considered as the jewelry for any website which indicates it’s online reputation and popularity.

Is Alexa Rank important? If so, how does it help online sites?

As you know that Alexa Rank indicates online reputation and popularity, it is of course important for each and every website that wants to make it’s own place over the internet world. Alexa reflects a sign of trust to the visitors and consumers. Trust is the base of online marketing. If your visitor don’t trust your site they will never buy any product from your site neither follow any instruction that is given in your website. Therefore, it is almost unnecessary to describe the importance of Alexa Rank in the world of online marketing.

This is how Alexa rank is helping online business to make more sells by gaining more trust and popularity from their visitors.

What are the factors to improve Alexa Rank?

Google has more than 200 factors to rank websites which make the process very critical to understand. However, the ranking factor of Alexa is very simple.

Let’s think how Google Analytics or other analytical tools track a website. You need to put a tracking code before you get tracked by any analytical tool. Alexa is not different in this case but it does not provide any code to track. Here the difference takes place between Alexa and other analytical tools.

Alexa ranking factors are here:

Alexa Toolbar: Tracking style of Alexa is a little bit different from others. It tracks visitors via Alexa Toolbar. Alexa only counts visitors which come from browsers that have installed Alexa Toolbar. Yah, this is the secret truth about Alexa. If your site gets 5,000 visitors daily and only 30 of them are from browsers that have Alexa Toolbar, Alexa will count only 30 visitors per day not 5,000 visitors. Therefore, the first and main factor of Alexa ranking is to get traffic from Alexa Toolbar installed browser.

Alexa Widget: This is less important (although some people say “unimportant”). You can add Alexa widget to your website. This can help Alexa to have better tracking control over your site. It means more visits will be counted as valid hit. Although it’s not 100% sure that all visits will be counted as valid.

To sum up the factor of Alexa Ranking I must say that you need valid Alexa visit/hit which can be gained only by getting visitors from Alexa Toolbar installed browser.

What is the secret way to boost Alexa rank within short span of time?

Here the secret comes to boost up your sites Alexa rank as well as trust and popularity within very short time. You can find a few number of tools and software’s that will promise you to improve your sites rank but most of them will fail. Main reason is Alexa has banned some of these sites for which some of them will not work well. Still some sites are showing amazing performance but taking high price to improve Alexa rank. However, Hitleap will give you the best Alexa service at very cheap price. Therefore, get ready to but cheap alexa traffic for better result within short time.

What is HitLeap and why it will improve your site’s Alexa Rank?

HitLeap is world’s number one auto-traffic exchange site which offers vast amount of visitors to any website or blog. Here other people will visit your site via hitleap viewer, you can do the same for getting free visits (If you have spare PC or have no problem of being late in Alexa rank improving).

Now come to the answer of second part of the question which is most important. Hitleap users need to use a software which has built in Alexa Toolbar. This is the secret! As this Hitleap viewer software (one kind of browser by Hitleap) has built in Alexa Toolbar, all visits through that viewer counts as valid visit/hit by Alexa. See the built in Alexa Toolbar in the below picture.

buy cheap alexa traffic to boost alexa rank

So, you got your treasure box of Alexa Traffic. Now you just need to sit quiet and watch the result.

Now just follow below steps to open the ultimate door for fast Alexa ranking:

1. Go to Hitleap and sign up for an account.

2. Then verify your email and sign in.

3. Now go to “My Websites” tab and click on “ADD NEW WEBSITE” button to add your site’s link as below picture.

buy cheap alexa traffic to boost alexa rank 2

4. You are almost done. Now it’s time to start your secret machine working. For that go to “Buy” and purchase your desired traffic package (Costs only $0.30 per 1,000 valid Alexa visit).

5. Now for getting more advantages upgrade your account to Premium (Costs only $8 per month).

Advantages of being Premium member:

  • Get 5,000 free monthly minutes (Costs $4.5).
  • Get 15 slots for adding websites.
  • Get Anonymous traffic
  • Get alexa traffic from valuable sources like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.

Therefore you must upgrade your account for fast and better result. Let’s buy Alexa traffic at cheap rate for your website and boost Alexa rank within short span of time.


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