Best Landing Page Builder : Instapage vs Getresponse vs Lander

Do you know the secret of making millions online? It’s simple, selling big tickets. By saying tickets I didn’t mean tickets of movie theater, I meant expensive products. Now, how do the gurus sell expensive products?

– By building trust and making a good relation with their customers.

How do they build good relation with their customers?

– By sending valuable and informative Emails regularly.

How do they collect those big list of Emails?

– By driving traffic to their landing pages.

Here comes the importance of landing page. Without good landing page it’s almost impossible to build big online business (in another sense big Email list). Landing pages are important because it’s directly related to the opt-in or conversion rate. The more opt-ins you will get, the more your online business will grow. Therefore, in this article I am going to compare 3 best landing page builders so that you can choose the perfect one for you.

best landing page builder


All these 3 landing page creators are thriving the marketplace. However, most of the newbies get confused about choosing the best one for them. I am going to compare Instapage, GetResponse and Lander in this article. Instapage is really awesome and trusted by many online gurus. Recently, GetResponse redesigned their landing page service and made it more reliable, easy and effective. The third competitor which is Lander, is also a well-known landing page builder which is trusted by some leading companies. So, let’s dig deeper into the comparison part.

Design and Responsiveness:


Design is the first attraction to any people who will be landed on any product’s landing page. Before, using any product or even before signing up people only view the design of landing page. Therefore, landing page design has deep impact on conversion rate. Both Instapge and Getresponse has hundreds of pre-made landing pages. However, the amount of pre-made landing pages in Lander is a little bit disappointing. All the templates of these landing page creators can be re-designed just by dragging and dropping. Besides, all the templates are responsive for better support in mobiles phones.  You can also design your landing page from the scratch using drag and drop method or via HTML and CSS coding.

Integration with Analytics:

Let’s assume you are getting thousands of visitors to your landing page from different sources. Obviously, traffic of all sources are not equally good for getting opt-ins and sales. In this case you need to monitor your traffic sources and then focus on the most effective source to get the best amount of profit from your each campaign. All three landing page template designers have easy analytics integration system. You can add Google analytics, Facebook pixel or any other analytics code you want.

A/B testing:

A/B testing is the secret to get higher profit from your campaigns. No ad campaign is perfect at the beginning. Top affiliate marketers and products owners do a lot of A/B testing on their landing page to get the most opt-ins and sales. Doing A/B testing manually is super hard and highly time consuming. Both Instapage and Getresponse have integrated A/B test system which will allow easy Headline, Paragraph, CTA, Color scheme, Images etc. changes. However, Instapge will give you only 2 live A/B split test option in its primary plan. On the other hand, Lander legs behind in the competition of A/B test because of having less option.

Social integration:

Social networks are the hot places to get huge amount of traffic. Besides, it also a sign of reputation. The more social signals a page has, the more reliable and reputed that page is. In addition, Google endorses the page with most social signals. Therefore, social integration became a major part of landing pages. Although, it’s not mandatory but adding social buttons will increase its credibility as well as golden chance to get shares from page visitors. Again Instapge and Getresponse are leading this part having social integration for Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Pinterest, Email etc. Lander includes social integration for only Facebook and Twitter.

So, till now Instapage and Getresponse are competing head to head. Let’s analyze the pricing part of these landing page builder tools.

Pricing Comparison:

Budget is the crucial part of every business and so goes for each and every independent online business owners. As it’s a recurring expense you must choose your business tool very wisely so that you need not to regret later. Here goes the pricing part of above mentioned tools:

Lowest monthly package of Instapage starts at $29/month where you can add unlimited pages and visitors. However, in this package you can have only 2 live A/B split tests and some other options will be disabled. You can enjoy other options on higher subscription plans which goes up to $79/month.

Now I am going to say something crazy! Getresponse landing page builder costs $0/month. It’s true, you will get landing page creator of Getresponse totally free with its Email marketing service which starts at $15/month. You can also try it whole one month for free. Here is the proof…

getresponse landing page

Lander is a little bit expensive comparing to other 2 competitors. You need to pay $37/month to use its lowest package where you can host 10 domains and can drive only 3,000 monthly visitors.

Over to You:

Now it’s your turn to choose the best landing page designer from above 3 competitors. I think it’s better to avoid Lander as it has comparatively less features and a little bit expensive. Rest 2 competitors have almost similar features but overall Getresponse seems great to go for. Because you are getting almost all the features of Instapage with fully functional Email sending service in half price.

Let me know via comment which tool you are going to choose to grow your business. Feel fee to ask any question regarding this topic as well as share your valuable opinion.


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