AdroitSSD Review: Affordable Cloud Hosting with Amazing Performance!


I searched for months to get an affordable cloud hosting for myself but sadly I failed and end up buying another shared hosting. Yes, it was a situation of mine few months ago. At that time I was curious to give a try to cloud hosting but couldn't find any service at reasonable price. If you are also curious like me or need a boost up for your sites using cloud hosting then you have landed on the proper page. In this post I will be discussing about an affordable and high performance based cloud hosting service provider named AdroitSSD. Before going deep, have a quick look of the rating.





If you are totally blank headed about cloud hosting then let me share you in short. Cloud hosting is different from shared and VPS hosting in a sense that Cloud Hosting is pretty much easy and faster when it comes to scale the power and capacity of the server. You don't have to worry about the amount of traffic because you can change the configuration anytime just by taking the help of hosting provider. Besides, Cloud hosting is faster then shared hosting and pretty much safe for your web data. Now, let's talk about the Cloud services of AdroitSSD.  

Performance and Up-time:

Performance and up-time are the most crucial part of any web hosting service. If you ask me what is the most important thing that makes hosting service better than others, my answer will be will be performance. This single factor is related with many parts such as server hardware, network strength, number of servers on various locations, backup servers, capacity of server and so on. If the performance is good, it simply means the whole background is good. According to the Server ping test of DotCom Monitor tool average response time of AdroitSSD is only 104 milliseconds which is blazing fast. 


If you still have any doubt about the performance of AdroitSSD hosting then have a look of the result from Byte Check server performance checker tool.


Hosting plans and Pricing:

When it comes to hosting plan AdroitSSD has opened the door both for the beginners as well as for the Pro users. Basic package of ​AdroitSSD starts at only $3.95 per month which is pretty much affordable and low priced comparing to other Cloud hosting providers. 


Every hosting plan that's mentioned above comes with a free setup and 30 days money back guarantee which makes the subscription process more trust worthy and hassle free. To provide you blazing fast performance all the hosting packages have supper fast SSD and Intel Xeon processor. Thus, no matter which plan do you choose, you are getting strong hardware support for your sites all the time. Click here to view full detail of each hosting plan.

Customer Support:

Customer support is one of the most crucial part of any business. Just providing service/product is not enough to build a trustworthy brand. AdroitSSD provides 24x7 customer support via Email ticket system along with toll free phone support through out all the 365 days of the year. Thinking how much time will they take to reply for Email ticket support? It's only 30 minutes at max! 

As a beginner you can rely on them for solving your basic problems as they will support on mobile phone for fast and ease support.

Special Features:

Just having an server is not enough if you are looking for advanced functionality. AdroitSSD comes with several amazing features to provide you better experience. Some features are mentioned below:

  • Real time protection: This is a builtin feature to protect your sites from virus and malware. It will automatically check for suspicious activity and will provide you monitoring result.
  • Free backup: For me this is one of the most important feature that every hosting provider should have but sadly very few providers have site backup feature. Yah! you are getting this extremely helpful feature free of cost.
  • Graphical cPanel Interface: Although cPanel is pretty common for shared hosting but most of the Cloud hosting package to do comes with cPanel. This is one of the biggest advantage of having your own AdroitSSD Cloud hosting.
  • CoudFlare CDN: Looking for fast loading service for your images and web contents? CDN is the best choice for that. Be the lucky person to get CloudFlare CDN service totally free of cost.

Check out these testimonials from some AdroitSSD hosting service users. They are pretty much satisfied with the cool service!

I'm their Advance package subscriber since the beginning.To be honest never find any uptime issue.Over the time I see they are making their node more powerful & I get best ping from their network.

Mikey Walton

Since I have purchased service (domain and hosting) Other than the various technology it was the price of the service I enjoyed. I do hope that not only me has this positive experience but also those who are using the service as well.

Danny Morgia

Everything in this world has both good and bad side. AdroitSSD is not any exception to this fact. If you still have doubt about this hosting service provider than have a look of Pros and Cons that I wrote below being totally unbiased.  


  • SSD disk and Xeon processor
  • Graphical cPanel UI
  • Free migration and backup service
  • Supports all sorts of payment methods
  • Multi-Layered protection shield 


  • Don't have live chat support

AdroitSSD is definitely a cloud hosting service that comes with much more greater value then the money it's priced at. There are hardly any cloud hosting plan that has so much to give at very little price. Thus, I encourage you to have a try! Your money is totally safe as it comes with a money back guarantee tag.

Special gift for Techmasi readers, use SAKIBD40 promo code to get 40% life time discount on any cloud hosting plan of AdroitSSD.  

If you have any query about AdroitSSD just speak out via the comment section. Moreover, you are invited to share your both good and bad experience with any hosting provider.  



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