9 Best International Online Payment Gateways in 2015

Do you know how much money people do spend online in every minute?

The amount is over $271,000

Yes, it’s not a joke or imagination. This is a fact right now.

With the passage of time people are getting online based. People have started buying products online, earning money online as well as start business online. Therefore it has become very important to find your online partner who will manage, send and receive money for you over internet world. I have listed here 9 best international online payment gateways from which you can choose your once.


#1 Paypal

It is doubtless that Paypal is world’s no.1 and most popular online payment gateway till now. Millions of people rely on Paypal for buying or selling products online as well as making other online transactions. Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, Elon Musk, Ken Howery, Max Levchin are the five legends who founded this Giant payment gateway in December, 1998. Right now Payal is providing their service to 203 countries worldwide.

Annual fee: No

Per transaction fee: 0 – 3.4%

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#2 Payoneer

Payoneer can be your most powerful online payment partner as it will give you a free master card that can be used anywhere in the world. Not only that, most amazing fact about payoneer is it will provide you a virtual bank account in Bank of America. It means without visiting USA you can own an American Bank account totally free of cost. Moreover, Payoneer will give you $25 for free as welcome gift after you make $100 transaction via your account.

Annual fee: $29.95

Per transaction fee: $3.15 (for local ATM)

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#3 Payza

Payza is another highly flexible online payment gateway that is providing same service as Paypal. Although some services or business still don’t support Payza but soon Payza will capture a big market place because of its easy and fast service. Payza supports around 220 countries and this number is soon going to capture the number of total countries of the world.

Annual fee: No

Per transaction fee: 2.50% – 3.50%

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#4 Neteller

If you are looking for an instant credit card then Neteller will be best choice for you. Neteller is well known as the virtual credit card. You can use Neteller everywhere where credit/debit card is accepted. Moreover, you card add this virtual card with your bank account and can make your money transections much easier.

Annual fee: No

Per transaction fee: 2.5% – 3.5%

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#5 Skrill

Skrill is another easy and fast international online payment gateway which supports almost all countries of the world. You can make your online payments easily via skrill from anywhere in the world. Most of the people prefer Skrill rather than any other services because of its low cost comparing to other payment gateways.  You can also add your master/visa card with Skrill account and make fast payments.

Annual fee: No

Per transaction fee: 1% – 1.9%

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#6 Perfect Money

Perfect money is a little bit different. It will not only help you to save, send and receive your money but also give you an annual interest of 4%. Besides you can order for your Perfect Money prepaid to make you transections faster and easier. It can be your another bank account to manage your money online.

Annual fee: No

Per transaction fee: 2.5% – 2.85%

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#7 Ego Pay

EgoPay is another online payment system similar to Paypal and Payza which is getting popular day by day. This service offers fast, easy and flexible online transection service to its users.

Annual fee: No

Per transaction fee: 1.5% – 2%

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#8 Discover

Discover is somehow similar to Payoneer but not as popular as Payoneer. Discover arranges lots of bonus, cheap deals and offers to inspire its users. Moreover it provides special credit card to students which runs at very low cost. Most exciting fact about Discover is it provides Home loans, Personal loans and Student loans for your better future.

Annual fee: No

Per transaction fee: 1% – 25.99% (Higher fees for advance cash)

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#9 Paytoo

Paytoo is a new service which is becoming popular because of its multi payment service acceptance. It offers both master card and prepaid card. You can easily add your Paypal and bank account with Paytoo to make your online transactions easier and faster.

Annual fee: No

Per transaction fee: up to 5% or $10

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Online payment methods are really essential to move ahead in this modern world. Everything is getting online based day by day. Therefore everyone should be updated to cope with the latest moment.


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