7 Reliable Sites to Buy Domain and Web Hosting with Payza

All online business and blogs start with buying domain and hosting. Therefore domain and hosting can be considered as the base of online world. Every day new sites are being started for various reasons by communities or by individuals. So, before that they need to buy domain and web hosting which is generally paid by paypal or master card. Think about the situation that you want to start your own website or blog for which you need to buy domain and hosting, but you don’t have any paypal account (perhaps your country is not supported) or master card (perhaps you are under 18). In this case you have payza as your only means to buy domain and web hosting, but most of the company do not support payza (matter of panic!). Don’t worry, it’s time to say bye to all your fears because here are 7 reliable sites from where you can buy domain and web hosting with payza.


1. QHoster.com

Qhoster can be considered as best as world’s top domain and hosting service providers like godaddy, hostgator, namecheap, bluehost etc. Service and support of this company is of very high quality. Qhoster has all kinds of hosting plans that one need to start with or need to upgrade to the next level. Best part about this service provider which I like most is it has almost all kind of payment methods such as paypal, master card, payza, skrill, neteller, web money, perfect money, Ukash, Bitcoin etc. Therefore, anyone can avail there service easily and fast way.

2. HostBlast.net (currently not accepting payza)

This is another domain and web hosting service provider which accepts payment with payza along with paypal, master card, perfect money, bank, visa etc. Most special part of HostBlast is it’s cheap price. Hosting price of this company is very low comparing to other service providers. Their hosting price starts with only $0.5o per month which is perfect investment to start up personal blog or website. Moreover, they will provide you 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee. So, if you have very little money to start, you may march on with HostBlast.

3. Web4Africa.net

This is the No.1 domain registration and web hosting provider in Africa. No need to think  that this company provides service only to African countries. It has lot’s of world wide customers whom it is giving great service from several years. Specially if your are from Africa you can buy various kinds domains including African local domain extensions like .durban, .captown, .joburg etc. Besides, you can find almost all kind of popular domain extensions over there. You can buy domain and web hosting with payza along with other payment gateways from Web4Africa.

4. HostDingle.com

This is another web hosting service provider that is really cheap and accepts various payment methods including payza. Although it is a Bangladesh based company but most of it’s servers are in USA and UK. If you are Banhladeshi you can avail more payment methods like bKash and Bank to make your payment.

5. Ideaa.biz

Ideaa is a great web hosting service provider which has both linux and windows based hosting plans like others. This company provides various kinds of hosting like Shared hosting, Email hosting, VPS etc. It accepts money via various methods like paypal, payza, web money, Bitcoin, Egopay, Credit Card/Debit Card etc.

6. PeakHosting.org

PeakHosting is another hosting provider of my list from where you can buy domain and hosting with payza. Honestly saying, it’s hosting packages are not rich enough. It provides only shared hosting. Although, it has very low rated hosting packages which can be started by individuals as an intro to web/blog owing world.

7. Monovm.com

This is a great domain and hosting company with lot’s of packages and offers. It has both linux and windows hosting like other best hosting companies. Moreover, you can also start your hosting business as a reseller of Monovm. It has payza, paypal, skrill, web money, perfect money, Bitcoin etc as it’s payment method.


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